September is National Organic Harvest Month,
also called Organic Food Celebration Month!

We are asking all of our members and supporters to consider writing a
letter to the editor in your local paper or
better yet, contact your local paper and talk to the editor about your
doing a point-of-view and/or guest editorial column in support of organic
farming and the organic movement that is sweeping our country.

Below are some facts that you can use.

We encourage you to share your personal views and why eating organic food
is important to you and your family.

In your letter or guest editorial, please encourage people to join Organic
Consumers Association andr check out our website at and the Campaign for Food Safety's website at

Send us a copy when the paper runs it.

There are over 1,000 CSA's - Community Supported Agriculture Programs in
the U.S., 10 years ago, there were zero.

There are over 10,000 Organic Farms in the U.S.

US sales of organic foods have grown between 20 - 25% annually for the last
7 years, with overall sales of between $3.5 and $4.2 billion.

Fact: A generation ago, three-quarters of the meals consumed in the US were
made at home. Today, three-quarters of meals are prepared outside the home,
mainly at fast-food restaurants. A fast-food kitchen is merely the final
state in a vast system of mass production.

Fact: Many of you have already consumed GM - genetically modified foods.
Between 50 million to 70 million acres of farmland are currently sown with
GM seeds: mostly soya, corn, cotton and potatoes, and tomatoes and wheat.
Four years ago, that acreage was 0. The FDA does not require food labels
on GM foods.

Organic Acreage:
The only accurate numbers that exist for organic acreage in the US is for
certified acres. Organic growers are not required to be certified by a
third party organization, therefore, these numbers are an underestimate.
The USDA's National Organic Standards will require all growers grossing
over $5,000 to be certified. The most recent number that I've seen are for
1995. The total acres in certified organic production was 914,800. Of
this 638,500 was in crops and the rest in pasture. The growth has been in
crops, with pasture actually decreasing.

Good quote's you can use:

"The ethics of organics is what separates us from others, for many of us,
this is a continuation of a lifetime of work. First it was civil rights,
then it was anti-war and now it is food security." by Howard-Yana Shapiro,
Seeds of Change.

The world has enough for everyone's need,
but not enough for everyone's greed."
--attributed to Mahatma Ghandi

"The last frontier is under our feet." Elizabeth Hendrickson, Organic

"Agriculture without political knowledge cannot expect justice or retain
liberty." John Taylor, a friend of Jefferson

"You cannot save the land apart from the people or the people apart from
the land."
Wendell Berry