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FARMS NOT ARMS: An Open Letter & Petition

I urge you to become a signatory for the following important petition and
group action:


All farmers of the world share the unique privilege and the daunting
responsibility of making sure everyone is fed and the land is protected to
feed the future generations.

War, and the enormous waste of resources spent in preparing for it, threaten
our work.

As farmers, farm-workers and those in the agricultural industry who support
them, we come together to oppose the war in Iraq and the dangerous cycle of
war and terror that threatens our world.

We come from different political, religious and social backgrounds but share
a common concern that this great country of ours, founded by small farmers
and craftsmen, return to the spirit and ideals on which we were founded.

We strive for a world that reduces the risk of war by eliminating its causes
- poverty, injustice and religious intolerance. We call for all countries
to stop misappropriating their resources on war and to focus rather on
fighting hunger, disease and protecting our environment and our farmland.

Please Help Us

Help us form a national group of all those in the agricultural community and
their supporters who wish to join the effort to win back our country.

Our group would become part of United for Peace and Justice, a coalition of
1300 local and national anti-war groups. Check them out at
( We will be a democratically run organization with
our member/supporters electing our officers and approving our activities -
even selecting our name.

Sign up with us at Let us know if we can add
your name to this call. Note: Groups listed for identification only:

Michael O'Gorman, Agroproductos Del Cabo, Ensenada, México; David Visher,
FACTS, Davis, CA; Amigo Bob Cantisano, Organic Ag Advisors, No. San Juan,
CA; Kalita Todd Cantisano, Heaven and Earth Farm, No San Jaun, CA; Sam
Earnshaw, Community Alliance with Family Farms; Jo Ann Baumgartner,
sustainable agriculture advocate; Michael Traugot, clean food advocate,
Sebastopol, CA; Robert Tepper, Sunrise Management, Sebastopol, CA; Deborah
Beebe Kastor, Good Day Produce, Santa Cruz, CA; Lisa Bunin, PhD,
Environmental Policy Consultant, Santa Cruz, CA; Dave Maize, Magic Forest
Farm, Takilma, OR; Lisa Kelz, Magic Forest Farm, Takilma, OR; Brian Baker,
OMRI, Eugene, OR; Miguel Guerrero, OMRI, Eugene, OR; Hansel Kern, Kern
Family Farm, Northfork, CA; Glen Johnson, Mother Flight Farms, Mt. Vernon,
WA; Wendy Krupnick, Santa Rosa Jr. College Shone Farm; Mark Lipson, Molino
Creek Farming Collective, Davenport, CA; Jason Mark, farmer/Global
Exchange, Santa Rosa, CA; Alejandro Sancen, ALBA, Salinas, CA; Andrew
Scott, Hidden Villa Farm & Wilderness, Los Altos, CA; John Teixeira, Lone
Willow Ranch, Firebaugh, CA; Starhawk, Earth Activist Training, San
Francisco, CA; Will Allen, Cedar Circle Farm, East Thetford, VT;. Tim
Stemwedel, California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into
pruning hooks.