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Webnote: The EPA announced suspension of the study to allow further internal review. This suspension will hold until the tentative implementation of the study in early 2005. The OCA launched a petition gathering campaign upon hearing the EPA's announcment in order to take advantage of this temporary suspension.

EPA's Announcment of Temporary Suspension until Early 2005

made on Friday 11/12/2004

From the EPA:

EPA Statement on Children's Health Environmental Exposure Risk Study

Because protecting the health and well-being of children is of paramount importance, EPA has decided to send the Children's Health Environmental Exposure Risk Study (CHEERS) for another external, independent review by an expert panel made up of members of the Science Advisory Board, the Science Advisory Panel, and the Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee.

Washington, D.C. - It is anticipated that this review will be completed and that a report will be forwarded to the Administrator in the spring of 2005. Based on this review, the Agency will reassess the study.

EPA scientists need to fully understand how children are exposed to pesticides and through what media (air, water, soil, etc.) EPA is particularly concerned about childhood exposure, because children may be more vulnerable than adults to the effects of environmental contaminants due to their smaller body sizes and rapid physical development. There is insufficient research to define pathways of exposure - - the routes by which pesticides may enter a child's body. Possible pathways that could be investigated are ingestion (food and drink), inhalation, residue from crops, soil and ingestion of household dust.

As a federal agency, EPA wants all research to be transparent to the public and to be responsive to public feedback. Citizens are key stakeholders in our work.