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In 1999 YOU helped Organic Consumers Association take a stand for organic food and farming, fair trade, and active democracy when we stopped the World Trade Organization (WTO) from meeting in Seattle.

Tens of thousands of ordinary people like us from around the world-union members, environmental activists, farmers, students, teachers, and nuns-gathered together in an extraordinary alliance to challenge the WTO in Seattle.

We have a historic opportunity THIS MONTH to rally together again to raise awareness of the WTO's failed, poverty-perpetuating and environmentally devastating policies - and how ordinary people can change everything.

The new feature film, "BATTLE IN SEATTLE," starring Andre Benjamin, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Rodriguez, Channing Tatum, and Charlize Theron showcases activists as heroes protecting people and the planet from destruction at the hands of callous corporations.

WE INVITE YOU TO STAND UP TO THE WTO AGAIN TODAY by taking the following steps as we organize around this epic cultural event:

1. SEE THE FILM. Take your friends, your loved ones, your co-workers, your neighbors, and remember what victory looks like for the global environmental and social movement. The film transports you to the heart of the action, and leaves you filled with hope about creating a more just world.

THE FIRST TWO WEEKS IN THE THEATERS ARE CRITICAL! If enough people see the film, it will expand into other cities around the country, bringing its important message to an even larger audience! Order tickets and invite your friends to join you. If the film is not playing in your area use the "DEMAND IT!" widget to bring it to your area.

2. INSPIRE 10 FRIENDS TO SEE THE FILM (AND YOU MIGHT WIN CHOCOLATE!!!). Organize your own outreach campaign by emailing, calling or texting 10 or more of your friends in any of the opening cities (even if you don't live in one, yourself!) and ask them to relive our collective victory against corporate tyranny. Five lucky activists who use this email tool will win a box of Fair Trade chocolate confections!

3. TAKE ACTION. Organic Consumers Association is part of the 5 ACTIONS CAMPAIGN that provides 5 impactful and empowering actions you can take to follow in the footsteps of the activists in Battle in Seattle. Visit and click on the Fair Trade icon to participate in our Reverse Trick-or-Treating action. (DEADLINES to sign up: groups - Oct 1; individuals - Oct 13!)

4. INSPIRE OTHERS TO TAKE ACTION. Pass out action flyers at the film screenings so audiences who see the film know how they can simply and powerfully take action themselves. Visit this link for details on how to get involved. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: SEPTEMBER 10.

The film opens September 19 in New York, San Francisco, San Rafael, Seattle, and Minneapolis and September 26 in Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and Washington DC check the website for new cities being added!

ARE YOU ON FACEBOOK OR MYSPACE? Change your profile photo to the! If thousands of us change our profile photos, it will have a huge visual impact on social networking sites and engage exponentially more people in the movement!

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