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Don't water down standards for
organic cosmetics & body care products!

OCA Files Complaint with USDA's National Organic Program
Against "Organic Water" Scheme

Rutgers Study Exposes Bayliss Ranch and QAI's Scheme
to Count Tap Water as "Organic"

CONTACT: Craig Minowa of the Organic Consumers Association 320-384-7764
Press Release/Summary of Complaint Available Here

On February 18, 2004, The Organic Consumers Association (OCA), representing over 500,000 members, subscribers and volunteers and hundreds of companies in the natural marketplace, submitted a formal Complaint to the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP) against the company Bayliss Ranch and the certifier Quality Assurance International (QAI), for illegally counting ordinary water in Bayliss Ranch's water extracts as "organic." This scheme enables Bayliss Ranch's customers--manufacturers of body care and food products for consumers--to make fraudulent claims about their products' being "70% organic," by counting the ordinary water in the Bayliss extracts as the primary "organic" content of the products. This makes a mockery of the fundamental purpose of the NOP, which assures consumers that products claiming organic status are truly at least 70% organic WITHOUT counting water as "organic." Click here to read the full press release for a concise summary of the Complaint.

Links to the Complaint are below, as well as to the attendant Exhibits. Please read the summary of the Complaint in the press release as well as the Complaint in full to fully understand the problem, and consider sending your own letter to the USDA in support of this complaint. It is important that you-the consumer--have your voice heard about the abuse of the National Organic Program which is intended to protect YOU.

Click Here to Read OCA's Complaint Against Bayliss Ranch and QAI
for Violation of NOP Regulations Regarding "Organic Water"

Addendums to Complaint:
OCA Followup Letter to USDA (Filed 2/20/2004)
Letter from Gay Timmons Regarding Complaint (2/25/2004)
OCA's Response to Gay Timmons (2/27/2004)
OCA Letter to USDA re: March 6 OTA Task Force Vote (3/11/2004)

Mark Egide's (Avalon's CEO) Letter to OCA and OCA's Response (3/24/2004 PDF 500kb)
Update of Last Name Changes and Spellings within Complaint (3/29/2004)
OCA's NOP Letter Regarding PCTF Motions (4/7/2004)
OCA's NOSB Letter Regarding Kim Dietz Nondisclosure (4/7/2004)

OCA Letter to Avalon Concerning Endorsing Businesses (4/15/2004)
OCA's Clarifying Letter Re: Endorsing Companies (4/28/2004)

Click Links Below to Review Complaint Exhibits,
Especially Exhibit 8 for the Rutgers Study:
(All files are PDF format-If you do not already have
Adobe Reader installed on your system, click here)

After reading the press release summarizing the Complaint, as well as the Complaint itself to fully understand the problem, please consider sending your own letter to the USDA's NOP as the NOP needs to also hear from individual consumers:

NOP Compliance
Agricultural Marketing Service
United States Dept. of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Mail Stop 0203--Room 3529-S
Washington, DC 20250





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