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Warning: Toxic Chemical Triclosan Can Turn Your Toothpaste or Bathroom Soap into Chloroform


Warning: Toxic chemical triclosan can turn your toothpaste into chloroform

Posted Monday, February 13, 2006 by Mike Adams

For years, I have warned people of the danger of personal care products. If
you look at the ingredients manufacturers put in their products -- soaps,
deodorants, toothpastes and so on -- you will be horrified. These
ingredients are highly toxic and cause cancer. They promote leukemia,
nervous system disorders and liver problems. Now, some new information has
come from Virginia Tech. Researchers that have found that the chemical
triclosan, which is found in a lot of antimicrobial soaps and toothpaste
products, can react with chlorine in the tap water. Guess what you get?

(This is the horrifying part.) Chloroform. This is a toxic chemical that can
give you cancer. In the old movies, you might have seen someone give a
person chloroform to knock them unconscious. If you breathe enough
chloroform, you will die.

If you are brushing your teeth with toothpaste that has triclosan in it, and
you are rinsing with tap water that has chlorine in it, you are getting a
little chemical reaction right in your mouth. What a wonderful gift from the
toothpaste manufacturers. That's not to mention that some of the toothpastes
contain fluoride that isn't really fluoride but fluorosilicic acid, which is
a toxic waste product that is molecularly similar to fluoride but has a much
different effect on the human body -- a toxic effect. When you wash your
hands with antibacterial soap that contains triclosan, you are getting the
fumes emitted from this chemical reaction.

Your home could be full of toxic chemicals
Most people's homes are toxic waste dumps. They have products that contain
triclosan, deodorants that contain aluminum (absorbed right through your
skin), shampoos that have toxic fragrance chemicals and hair coloring
products that contain cancer-causing chemicals. There are perfumes and
colognes that people just slather on like they are taking a bath in them.
Their senses get dulled, and soon they can't even smell the stuff anymore.

People also put on clothes that have been washed in detergent loaded with
fragrance chemicals. These people run around in these clothes and sweat,
which helps the toxicity absorb into the skin and bloodstream where it
promotes cancer. There are fake air fresheners and furniture polishes that
contain toxic chemicals. These products are all promoted as being helpful
when really they are quite deadly. Toothpaste is supposed to help you clean
your teeth, but the number one ingredient in toothpaste is calcium
carbonate, which is just ground-up seashells that actually mar the enamel on
your teeth, giving bacteria a place to hide out and replicate. Some
toothpaste also has formaldehyde in it.

The answer to why you are diseased is that if you are the average American
consumer, you are bathing and living in a system of toxic chemicals that you
have purchased and brought home. You use dish detergents that contain toxic
chemicals and then eat off of the plates that were washed in them. How crazy
are we in this country that we keep on making products that kill people and
putting them on the shelves and printing little "25 percent off" coupons?
You are seriously misled if you think you can just wipe out all of the
bacteria in your house with antibacterial soap. Do you think you are going
to be germ free? Have you checked your doorknobs and your own skin? What
about your toothbrush? I bet there are more colonies of bacteria in your
toothbrush than there are people in the entire city in which you live. These
antibacterial products are useless. They have no value on the market or in
your home. It is all a huge marketing gimmick.

You need immune distress to be healthy
Do you think the microbes on your counter are giving you the flu? That's not
what is giving you the flu. You have the flu because you poison your body
with all these other toxic products, metabolic disrupters in the food supply
and poor nutrition. These poisons create a weak body and weakened immune
system, allowing opportunistic bacteria to replicate that wouldn't stand a
chance if you had a healthy immune defense in the first place.
Even worse, the use of antimicrobial soaps promotes the spread of superbugs
around your house. If you want to be a healthy individual, you have to have
a little immune distress. If you don't, your immune system doesn't learn how
to defend itself. Your immune system makes a pattern of every invading
microbe, and it remembers that pattern forever, so it knows how to beat that
invader in the future. If you try to maintain a sterile environment, then
your immune system never gets to learn how to do its job. You need some
level of exposure to these germs or mild infectious agents if you want to
have an active immune system.

Let's talk about fragrances a little more. Even guys that wouldn't wear
perfume go out and buy laundry detergent that has perfume in it. When I go
to the grocery store, I can't even go near the aisle with all the detergents
or I get a headache. I am very sensitive to this because of my sensory
acuity. I can pick up subtle sights, sounds and smells thanks to a healthy
nervous system.

The manufacturers of products that have triclosan in them keep saying that
it is perfectly safe and that it only affects the nervous systems of various
organisms. They also say it's safe because you don't drink it. Sure, we
aren't swallowing the stuff, but we sure are touching it and bathing in it.
Do you think the skin is impermeable? The skin absorbs chemicals, and it can
certainly absorb something like triclosan as well. How do you think the
nicotine patch works? If nothing was absorbed through the skin, then these
patches wouldn't work.

Studies show triclosan is toxic to your health

This Virginia Tech study shows that triclosan is a real health hazard.
However, the companies using it are going to say that the study was flawed,
and the amount that is used is so minimal that it is well within the safety
levels established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

They may claim some other silly nonsense, too, but the truth is this
ingredient has no place in or around the human body. Only fools coat their
body with products containing triclosan. Unfortunately, most people are
fooled by this chemical, and they don't understand its real dangers.
Personally, I don't need to wash my mouth out with something that is going
to create chloroform. This is basic common sense. The fact that these
products are even being allowed on the shelves defies common sense. Where
has the sanity gone in our consumer products industry? It has been replaced
by the profit motive.

Triclosan is put into these products for the convenience of the
manufacturers. It will stop their product from going bad, and it allows them
to make ridiculous claims on the label. For example, a label may say,
"Proven to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria." This sells products, yet it
isn't based on any kind of science whatsoever.
If you are new to all this and think everything I just said is crazy,
doesn't make any sense or is overly worrisome, then do your research. Don't
believe everything I just said -- start doing some reading on triclosan.
Start reading about aluminum in deodorants and fragrance in shampoos and
perfume, and then you will discover the truth for yourself. You can search
Google for information right now. Just search for "triclosan" and see what
you find.

If you do the research and are honest with what you find, you will quickly
discover that these products are a hazard to your health. They are a threat
to you and your family and should be outlawed. They should be reformulated
without cancer-causing ingredients. Of course, that would cost Big Business
a lot of money. Companies use these ingredients because they are cheap.
Where do you think the color comes from in mouthwash? It's from an
artificial color chemical. What most manufacturers care about is moving
products, and until Congress demands they stop using harmful ingredients,
they're going to keep doing so.

I encourage you to find out about more about triclosan and stop using
products that contain the chemical. Shop at health food stores. Stop giving
your money to manufacturers who are poisoning and exploiting you for profit.