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Organic Bytes #137: 6/26/2008

Health, Justice and Sustainability News Tidbits with an Edge!
Written and edited by Craig Minowa and Ronnie Cummins
Kids HuggingAlert of the Week

Protect Children: Pass the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act

Our nation’s children are both our greatest treasure and the most vulnerable members of our society. Sadly, children are now “preborn” with hundreds of industrial chemicals and are victims of numerous environmental sicknesses like learning deficits, cancers and autism. The federal government has the responsibility to ensure that our children are protected from toxic chemicals.

Learn more about OCA’s Appetite for a Change Campaign and urge your Congressperson to reform and update the Toxic Substances Control Act.
Press the Politicians

Find out How "Organic" Your Candidates Are

GNA Survey LinkThe Organic Consumers Fund's 2008 Grassroots Netroots Alliance Survey asks candidates and elected officials whether they support strict organic standards, mandatory labels for genetically engineered food, the conversion of U.S. farmland to energy-efficient and carbon-sequestering organic farming, and an increase in USDA support for local food systems and organic transition. The results are starting to come in.

Click here to find out how the politicians are answering the survey:
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Organic Bytes Readers Talk Back

The OCA alerted its readers about the new Grassroots Netroots Alliance (GNA) in the last issue of Organic Bytes. We received a number of interesting letters.  We have begun to post some of these to a new GNA section of our web forum

Comments?Note from Reader: "I commend your concern but believe that the climate change issue subsumes everything else and must take precedence. Until the social justice and peace groups recognize this, climate change will remain just an entry on a laundry list, not the major focus. Everything else pales in comparison to the climate emergency we face and we have very little time to turn things around, maybe ten years."

Response from GNA: I couldn't agree more, but I also believe it's all connected. Especially as the US military is the single greatest consumer of fossil fuels and what the war has cost so far would have been more than enough to convert the world to clean energy. (See and I hope that you will choose to send the GNA survey to the politicians in your area with this message.

Click here to read more of this exchange and share your thoughts about GNA on our web forum

Arctic Oil WellGNA Alert of the Week:

No New Drilling: Green Energy Alternatives Now

With gas prices skyrocketing and the peak of the summer driving season upon us, many elected officials and candidates are calling for new oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, off our coasts, and other environmentally sensitive areas. Drilling is not the answer to our energy crisis. Contact your Congressperson and candidates for elected office and urge them to invest in renewable energy and green jobs.

Click here to take action with OCA’s partner organization, Grassroots Netroots Alliance. 

DoctorNatural Health Alert of the Week

Earlier this year, the FDA instigated an unusual new policy restricting women's access to prescriptions containing estriol, a hormone treatment that many practitioners consider to be safer and more mild than some of the FDA approved estrogen therapies. This is a frightening example of how big drug companies clout can limit our access to natural medicines and we must work to end these restrictions. Congress is now considering a resolution that calls on the FDA to end these restrictions.

Take action at the American Association for Health Freedom's website:
Good News of the Week

Aerial Pesticide Spraying of Urban Areas Suspended

Spraying PesticidesThe OCA and a number of allied groups recently sounded the alarm over aerial spraying of a hazardous moth pesticide over densely populated areas of California.

Last week, officials announced that due to public uproar about the issue, the program has been suspended. "I know there's concern out there, and we want to be able to address that," stated A.G. Kawamura, state secretary of food and agriculture.

Learn more:

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Water FootprintSustainability Tool of the Week

Find Out About Your Water Footprint

You may have heard about "carbon footprint" - the amount of energy we use in driving our vehicles, turning on the TV and living the fossil fuel life. Did you know we also have a "water footprint" - the amount of water used not only for our daily needs, but in the processing of the many items we eat (like meat), wear (cotton) and write on (paper).

Learn more about your water footprint and how you can reduce it by taking this quick quiz:

videoWeb Videos of the Week

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As you know, Organic Bytes is sent to its subscribers twice per month.  But oftentimes, there are alerts that need to have immediate response and simply can't wait for the next issue of Organic Bytes. The OCA is inviting you to sign up for our action alert email list. If you subscribe, these alerts will be sent to you on an "as needed" basis. Some weeks you may get none at all, and some weeks you may receive 2 or 3, depending on the urgency of the alert. 

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reading the news in the lakeTop OCA News Headlines of the Week

Tired of drowning in endless news headlines? Let the OCA wade through the media quagmire for you and sift out the most important stories. The OCA website has 20 or more news articles posted each day, which are related to health, justice, food and farming, politics, and the environment. With over thirty thousand visitors per day, is a valuable resource for consumers, activists, and journalists. Please Bookmark as your daily source of news, analysis and inspiration. Below are 5 of the top stories posted to the OCA website this last week:

  1. Why Koreans Still Reject US Beef
  2. Rotten Tomatoes: Latest Health Scare Exposes a Frayed Food-Safety Net
  3. Alert: Pharma reveals its hand: Flood the FDA with comments
  4. Alert: Stop the school lunch program from requiring NAIS
  5. Organic Consumers Battle Organic Label Fraud with Litigation

Special State News and Alerts

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