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Monsanto, Boca's GE Burgers, Sewage Sludge

#266, March 3, 2011

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Quote and Action of the Week

BOCA Burgers Admits It Uses Genetically Engineered Ingredients

"It's a fact that much of the high-quality soy grown in the U.S. has been genetically engineered, so the traditional BOCA line of soy-based products may contain ingredients derived from these crops."

- BOCA's Frequently Asked Questions

BOCA Burgers is a popular so-called "natural" brand of veggie burgers owned by Kraft Foods. Companies like Kraft work hand-in-hand with Monsanto to lace common foods with GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients, with absolutely no labeling nor safety-testing required, and in many cases market these products as "natural." Kraft, North America's largest food company, has perfected the art of turning genetically engineered crops and animals raised in factory farms on GMO feed and injected with Monsanto's (now Elanco's) rBGH into "food."

While Kraft/BOCA claims to offer what they describe as "non-GMO" versions of its soy foods, these products are neither certified organic (organic prohibits GMOs) nor monitored by the Non-GMO Project, so it's impossible to verify BOCA's non-GMO claims. Likewise, Back to Nature, another so-called "natural" Kraft brand, claims that some of the corn and soy ingredients in their non-organic foods are "non-genetically engineered," but these claims are not verifiable either.

Tell Kraft you'll be boycotting BOCA Burgers, Back to Nature products, or any Kraft products that aren't certified as organic.

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Millions Against Monsanto Fundraising Appeal

A quarter of a million people have already signed up as participants and supporters in our Millions Against Monsanto Truth-in-Labeling Campaign. But we need money to print leaflets, to buy hundreds of copies of the video "The World According to Monsanto," to print up T-shirts and bumper stickers, and to pay our campaign staff. As you know, GMOs, Factory Farms, and deceptively labeled consumer products pose a mortal threat to public health, climate stability, and all living things. As we speak, organic crops are being contaminated with Monsanto's GMOs. We need your financial contributions to educate and mobilize consumers, to protect and maintain strict organic standards, and to pressure the entire food industry, including natural food stores and co-ops, to adopt Truth-in-Labeling practices.

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Stop Toxic Sludge Dumping on Farmland and Pastures!

Toxic sewage sludge used to be dumped into the oceans, killing fish and marine life. After public pressure put an end to ocean-dumping, toxic sludge began to be spread on farmland, touted as natural "fertilizer." In 1998 the sludge industry tried to get the USDA to allow toxic sewage sludge to be used as a fertilizer on organic farms, but the OCA's Save Organic Standards campaign and an aroused organic community stopped this insidious effort. Today millions of pounds of sludge are dumped on Monsanto's crops, including cotton, corn, and soy grown for animal feed and fuel. This toxic sludge is, by law, allowed to contain dangerous levels of pathogens, viruses and bacteria. The sludge pathogens that survive sewage "treatment" are the hardiest superbugs, bacteria that have developed a resistance to antimicrobials and antibiotics.

Toxic sludge used on food crops must be processed to reduce pathogen contamination, but is still rife with heavy metals and all manner of industrial chemicals from flame retardants to metal plating compounds.

If it isn't safe to dump in the oceans, it isn't safe to spread on farmland and pasture land!

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Millions Against Monsanto

Regional Summits at Green Festivals

To gear up for the Millions Against Monsanto actions on World Food Day, October 16, 2011, and to maintain pressure on Monsanto throughout the year, OCA is mobilizing meetings and Truth-in-Labeling protests in front of supermarkets to coincide with upcoming Green Festivals around the country:

  • San Francisco Spring Green Festival April 9-10, 2011
  • Chicago Green Festival May 14-15, 2011
  • Seattle Green Festival May 21-22, 2011
  • New York Green Festival October 1-2, 2011
  • Los Angeles Green Festival October 29-30, 2011
  • San Francisco Fall Green Festival, Nov 12-13, 2011

We need volunteers in each city to host gatherings at their homes or community centers, to put up OCA staff and volunteers in their homes and to work in the Millions Against Monsanto booths.

Volunteer Here


Millions Against Monsanto Webinar Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone that registered and attended the first Millions Against Monsanto Webinar: Why We Need Truth-in-Labeling for GMOs and Factory-Farmed Foods. The event was filled to capacity, with 1000 people registered. If you missed the webinar, visit the link below to download a pdf of the PowerPoint presentation and take a look at some of great questions asked by attendees (which we have tried to answer). The presentation frames the source and severity of the problem and outlines the various action items you can take in your towns and congressional districts. The audio portion will also be available in the next few days. Stay tuned for the next webinar, which will take you through more of the "nuts-and-bolts" of the grassroots campaign against GMOs.

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Next week: How to have a Month Without Monsanto

Stay tuned to the campaign


Poll of the Week

MSNBC Poll: 96% of Americans Want Genetically Modified Foods Labeled

Is MSNBC reading our minds? This week MSNBC conducted a poll to find out whether people think GMOs should be labeled. After a total of 38,479 votes, the results are in: 95.9% of those polled want GMOs labeled!

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Video of the Week

The Story of Citizens United v. FEC: Why Democracy Only Works When People Are in Charge


How could a chemical company like Monsanto, notorious for producing Agent Orange and dioxin during the Vietnam War, end up with so much power over our food and farming system? Why are U.S. tax dollars subsidizing Monsanto and the biotech industry's 165 million acres of GM crops, factory farms, junk foods and biofuels? Why is the Obama administration (like the Bush and Clinton administrations before them) passing laws and regulations that benefit the rich and the powerful, rather than the common people? Learn how corporations like Monsanto have been allowed to corrupt our democracy in The Story of Citizens United v. FEC.




Remember to Take Action...

Ban Triclosan! Take action by April 8, 2011

New York: Label Milk From Cows Given rBGH (Genetically Engineered Bovine Growth Hormone)!

California: Label GM Salmon!

Hawaii: Demand Truth-in-Labeling! 

Alaska: Stop GMO Salmon!


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