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Dear Organic Consumer...


Are you one of the majority of Americans who will sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner in which every single dish has been genetically engineered? Probably not, since one of the reasons organic consumers buy organic is to avoid GE ingredients, pesticide and drug residues, and the collateral damage to the environment that accompany every plate of factory farmed food.

Please visit the Organic Consumers Association's Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Resource page, where you can learn which foods contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms), what's coming soon, why Monsanto and the biotech industry pose a serious threat to organic, and what you can do about it.

Take Action for a GMO-Free Thanksgiving and an Organic Future!


Thank you to everyone - nearly 12,000 of you! - who took action to stop the Super Committee's Secret Farm Bill! It worked!


Many OCA allies, including Food Democracy Now, helped turn this dictatorial move on the part of "business as usual" Congressional hacks into yet another public relations disaster for corporate agribusiness. The Super Committee deadlocked on what kind of farm and food budget they wanted, which means we can continue to pressure Congress not to cut $10 billion from farm conservation programs and food stamps over the next 10 years.

Check for the latest news and alerts at our resource and action pages:

2012 Farm Bill: Healthy Food Not Corporate Welfare!

Politics & Democracy: For the People! Not the Richest 1%!


Thank you to everyone who supported our work in 2011! Everyone who donated, everyone who volunteered, everyone who took the time to take action!


You made it possible to continue the transition to an organic future by fighting back against the biotech bullies and their government lackeys, supporting state and federal legislative reforms, building local chapters, holding nationwide protests, and putting pressure on the corporations who control the food supply.

In 2012, we're going to have to fight even harder, but the rewards will be much greater. With the 2012 California ballot initiative, we have a real chance to hit Monsanto with the skull and crossbones they fear so much--mandatory labels on genetically engineered food.

If we can win in California in November, we'll be so close to an organic future, we'll be able to hear her breathing!

Please be as generous as you can this holiday season. Donate to the Organic Consumers Association (tax-deductible).

Donate to the Organic Consumers Fund (not tax-deductible, but necessary for Organic Consumers lobbying work in California)


Thank you from all of the staff,


Ronnie, Rose, Honor, Mary, Andrew, Steve, Molly, Zuri, Ryan, Melinda, Victoria, Heather, Liz, Nick and Alexis...

Jenn, Rosana, Humberto and the staff of Via Organica...

Trish and all the grassroots organizers who joined us to make World Food Day 2011 amazing...

Stacey and Pamm, our colleagues at LabelGMOs.org...

Steve M. who will be bringing you a video version of Organic Bytes in 2012...

And our 2011 interns, Thalia and Amelia.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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