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Get Genetically Engineered Nutraceuticals Out of "Organic" Baby Food

For 13 years OCA and the organic community have fought tenaciously to keep genetically engineered ingredients out of foods labeled as "organic." Now we've got a new battle on our hands.

Illegally approved, non-organic, genetically engineered substances are lurking in some certified USDA Organic foods, including infant formulas, baby foods, children's vitamins, and dairy products.

These Frankenfood invaders are Martek corporation's "Life'sDHA" and "Life'sARA," artificial nutraceuticals that mimic essential fatty acids found in eggs and fish.

Martek Biosciences claims that its DHA and ARA are non-GMO, but evidence uncovered by the Cornucopia Institute and the Organic Consumers Association shows that their products are created using methods of genetic engineering, including mutagenesis and microencapsulation, that are expressly banned from the USDA National Organic Program.

Life'sDHA and Life's ARA are the first GMO nutraceuticals to get into organic. If we don't stop them now, they won't be the last.

We need your help to press the USDA National Organic Program to investigate and inform Martek that the illegal approval of their products is rescinded and that their GMO "Life'sDHA" and "Life'sARA" are not allowed in organic products.

Get GMOs out of "organic" baby food!


Some Brighter News...

In the wake of 10,000 letters from OCA members to the National Organic Standards Board, we were able to prevent the weakening of organic standards for wine bearing the "USDA Organic" label by upholding the prohibition on synthetic sulfite preservatives being added to organic wine.

Donate to the Organic Consumers Association (tax-deductible)



News From Washington D.C.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich from Ohio has introduced a bill in Congress that would give us the right to know whether or not there are genetically engineered ingredients in our food. Please ask your Congressional Representative to cosponsor the Kucinich bill.

Tell your Representative to respect consumers' right to know about GMOs!

As Vandana Shiva said at the World Food Day Right2Know Rally on October 16 at the White House,

"The denial of food labeling is linked directly to a food dictatorship by Monsanto Corporation. I feel terrible that the White House with President Obama is doing exactly the same thing as Bush Senior and Bush Junior. We are here to hold Obama to his promise to label GMOs."

Watch the video and tell Obama to keep his campaign promise!


Essay of the Week: Ronnie Cummins Has a Question for You

"Did you ever vote to allow corporate agribusiness to spray a billion pounds of toxic pesticides, and dump 24 billion pounds of climate-destabilizing chemical fertilizers on U.S. crops and farmlands every year? Did you give the OK for factory farms, so-called Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), to feed billions of hapless creatures massive amounts of genetically engineered grain, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, blood, manure, and slaughterhouse waste? Did you give Monsanto, Dow, and Dupont permission to 'modify' so-called 'conventional' supermarket, school cafeteria, and restaurant food with genetically engineered bacteria, viruses, foreign DNA, and antibiotic-resistant genes? Did you sign a permission slip for the USDA or your local school system to feed students, including your children, greasy, fatty, unhealthy, chemical food in the cafeteria?"

Read Ronnie's new essay, "Put the Fat Cats On a Diet: Stop Buying Tainted Food from Billion Dollar Corporations"


Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology Also Has News
for You

The most recent issue of his "Spilling the Beans" newsletter includes advice on how to avoid GMOs in restaurants, news on the damage Roundup Ready alfalfa has already done to the US seed industry, a report on the rising number of farmer suicides in India as genetically engineered Bt cotton crops fail, and information on major medical problems with genetically engineered soy.

Read Jeffrey Smith's latest news on genetically engineered foods and crops


If You're In California, We Need Your Help! to gather signatures for the 2012 Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs!

Volunteer to label GMOs in California

If you can't volunteer, please donate to the Organic Consumers Fund (not tax-deductible, but necessary for our efforts in California)


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