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Food Fight Spreads Across the Nation

Thanks to the thousands of you who took action in response to the lead article we ran two weeks ago. We've expanded the article and added more action items. Please check it out.

Take Action! Ten Ways Monsanto and Big Ag Are Trying to Kill You - And the Planet

Across the country and around the world, farmers and consumers are uniting against Monsanto. Here are a few inspiring stories of resistance and victory we've come across in recent weeks concerning the snowballing campaign to label GMOs in the US...


Label GMOs: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, Congress, and the FDA

California Update: The historic 2012 California Right2Know/Label GMOs ballot initiative is poised to enter the signature gathering phase this coming weekend. With thousands of volunteers trained, we feel confident we can get the 800,000 signatures we need before the April 18 deadline, but we need your help.

Colorado Update: In November 2011, about 250 Boulder County residents attended a public meeting to discuss the planting of GM (genetically modified) crops on county-owned land. Their turnout, together with an anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) recommendation from the county's Food and Agriculture Policy Council, led county officials to vote for a phase-out of genetically engineered crops on open space. This is a powerful testimony to the influence residents can have on their local regulations when they stand together for a cause; you, too, can work toward enacting such a phase-out in your area as well.
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Connecticut Update: Robert Burns, an organic vegetable farmer who owns Aiki Farms in Ledyard, CT, got his local government to pass a resolution in favor of GMO labeling and used that support to encourage State Representative Richard Roy to introduce a bill. On March 2, Rep. Roy will be joined by Jeffrey Smith for a lecture and press conference on genetically modified organisms (11 am, LOB Room 1E). The Connecticut chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association is encouraging its farmers and supporters to pass local GMO resolutions across the state.
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Hawaii Update: February 21st is a day of action in Hawaii for GMO Justice and our Right2Know, with actions taking place at the Hawaii State Capitol Building in Honolulu and in Kapa'a in Kauai.

Vermont Update: The Vermont Right to Know About Genetically Engineered Food Act was introduced by Representative Kate Webb of Shelburne on February 1st, 2012. The bill would require the labeling of not only products filled entirely with GMOs, but also for those partially created using genetically engineered ingredients. The legislation would prohibit GMO food manufacturers from using "natural" marketing claims.
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Washington Update: Thank you to all of the amazingly persistent Right2Know activists in Washington state who managed to mobilize overwhelming support for bills to label GMOs - all in a matter of only a few days. While the bill was blocked by the Monsanto-sponsored chairs of the agriculture committees, no politician in Olympia was able to ignore the passionate grassroots support for our cause. We generated almost as many phone calls and emails as the gay marriage issue - and there wasn't a single public comment in opposition.
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Support the OCA and the OCF

In 2012, whether we're talking about getting antibiotics out of animal feed or labeling GMOs, we're fighting harder than ever. With the 2012 California Ballot Initiative, and GMO labeling legislation gaining momentum in Vermont, Connecticut, Hawaii and other states, we have a real chance to hit Monsanto with the skull and crossbones they fear so much - mandatory labels on genetically engineered food. We also plan to step up our efforts to strengthen organic standards and significantly expand the market for organic food and products, especially those produced locally and regionally.

Please be as generous as you can during our February fundraising drive.

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Just Label It! Update

The Truth In Labeling Coalition reports that Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Peter DeFazio's request that their colleagues join them in writing to the Food & Drug Administration in support of the Just Label It petition for GMO labels has been answered by Reps. Hanna (NY), Pingree (ME), Kucinich (OH), McGovern (MA), Moran (VA), Stark (CA), Farr (CA), George Miller (CA) and Polis (CO), as well as Sens. Begich (AK), Tester (MT) and Wyden (OR). There are many more congresspersons who support consumers' right to know about GMOs.

Please help us reach them!

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