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Who Supports Truth-in-Labeling on GMOs?

As we have emphasized repeatedly, the November 6th Right-to-Know Ballot Initiative in California (Proposition 37) is the Food Fight of Our Lives. The popular Initiative, supported by the overwhelming majority of Californians, calls for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and an end to the unethical practice, unfortunately common even in the alternative food sector, of marketing or labeling GMO-tainted food as “natural.” Big Food understands quite well that once Proposition 37 passes in California it will likely become the law of the land in all 50 states and Canada. This is why Monsanto’s powerful ally, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, has characterized Prop 37 as the “most serious threat” to agricultural biotechnology in history. So far over 621 organizations and businesses - including retail grocery stores, consumer, farmer, organic, natural health, environmental, farmworker, and labor groups and retail stores - have endorsed the California Initiative. Please take a look at this list and make sure that your favorite organization, retail store, or business has endorsed Prop 37.

If not, please approach them and ask them to formally endorse the campaign.

Please thank and support those organizations and businesses supporting our right-to-know by endorsing the Initiative. Help us spread the word by sharing this list on your social networks.


Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

So far the OCA and our lobbying ally, the Organic Consumers Fund, have contributed over $600,000 (with $500,000 more pledged) to Prop 37. Other major contributors so far include natural health leader, which has already contributed $800,000 (with 300,000 more pledged); Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps $290,000; Nature’s Path $250,000(with $350,000 more pledged); Lundberg Family Farms $200,000 (with $50,000 more pledged); Nutiva $50,000; Eden Foods $10,000 (with $40,000 more pledged); Organic Valley $50,000; and Michael Funk $50,000. The campaign has thus far raised $4.3 million in cash and hard pledges, but we need to raise a lot more between now and November.

Click here for an official list of major donors ($5,000 or more) to the California Ballot Initiative to Label Genetically Engineered Foods


The Enemies of Our GMO Right-to-Know

The major donors ($5000 or more) so far opposing Proposition 37 include the Council on Biotechnology Information (Monsanto and other biotech corporations), and the Grocery Manufacturers Association and its individual members including Cargill, Conagra, Kellogg’s, J.M. Smucker, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Nestle, Rich Products, and Bimbo Bakeries.

Click here for an official list of major donors opposing our GMO Right-to-Know


Support the OCA and OCF

The Power of… YOU!

The OCF has already donated $600,000 to the California Right to Know GMO labeling campaign. Why? Because you – our membership – have made it clear that you want GMOs labeled.

While we’d love to take all the credit for contributing so much to the Right to Know campaign, we know who really deserves the credit. You. Hundreds of thousands of you who have donated amounts from $10 all the way up to $25,000.

Prop 37 has been a grassroots initiative from the start. We have supporters like you to thank for every one of those $600,000 OCF has contributed so far to this fight. Unfortunately, because we’re up against industry giants, we have to raise more.

It’s your fight. For the right to know what’s in your food. Please continue to pitch in, every dollar counts. And please spread the word to family and friends to support this critical consumer rights initiative.

Donate to the Organic Consumers Association (tax-deductible, helps support our work on behalf of organic standards, fair trade and public education)

Donate to the Organic Consumers Fund (non-tax-deductible, but necessary for our legislative efforts in California and other states)


GMO Free USA Launches! Campaign #1: Boycott Kellogg's!

Cereal Brand Funding Opposition to California "Right to Know" Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs

GMO Free USA is calling for a boycott of Kellogg's brand products after the Kellogg Company donated more than $20,000 to defeat Proposition 37 in California, the GMO Right-to-Know Initiative.

As GMO Free USA points out, "In this digital age, you have to wonder why a company would spend more money than it could possibly cost to change their product labels to fight against the consumers’ right to know what we are eating."

Please join the boycott and join GMO Free USA!

The group also recommends posting on Kellogg's Facebook pages and calling the company's Corporate Office: (269) 961-2000 and Customer Affairs line (800) 962-1413 to tell them you are boycotting their products until they are GMO free.


Who Owns Organics?: A Look at the Ownership Structure of Our Industry

One of the major reasons why we’re having to fight for truthful labels on food products, including our right to know whether our food has been genetically engineered or not, is that major food corporations and corporate agribusiness conglomerates are busy buying up our favorite organic brands. Even though most organic food is still produced by family farmers and ranchers and processed and sold by independently owned coops, retail stores, and businesses, we need to pay attention to who owns what so we can put our money where our ethical values lie.

Click here for an update on the attempted Corporate Takeover of Organics


Dow's Agent Orange Soy Among New Fast-Tracked GMOs

Take Action to Stop Agent Orange Soy!

On July 6th the USDA announced petitions for nonregulated status for nine new GMO plants under its so-called "improved" regulatory process. OCA will be launching a campaign of alerts on each of these new petitions in upcoming weeks.

One of the new GMOs is Dow's 2,4-D tolerant soybean. 2,4-D is an herbicide component of the infamous chemical weapon Agent Orange used during the U.S. war on Vietnam. Today, it is the third-most-used US herbicide and one of the most deadly.

Currently, not much 2,4-D is used on soybeans. Once Dow's new Agent Orange Soy hits the market, however, use of this toxic pesticide will skyrocket, as the new plants are genetically modified to survive massive doses of the chemical.

Dow's Agent Orange Soy would be disastrous to the farm economy and dangerous to public health.

The deadline for public comment on these new GMOs under the new fast-tracked process is September 11, 2012.

Take Action to Stop Agent Orange Soy

And stay tuned – we will have more info on the rest of these new GMOS in the coming weeks.


The Yes On 37 Right to Know Campaign Needs You!

The GMO labeling campaign is heating up in California. Whether or not you live in California, you know that Prop 37, a state ballot initiative to label GMOs, will have a national impact. If we win in California, the eight largest economy in the world, it’s only a matter of time before we have GMO labeling in all 50 states.

This battle began on the streets and will be won on the streets. But we need your help now! We have less than 15 weeks until the Nov. 6 election. And only 11 weeks before absentee voting.

We need all those who gathered signatures to get back on board to guarantee we win in November. We need new volunteers. We have thousands of you now. We need tens of thousands by Labor Day.

If you live in California, please contact your local leader to find out how you can help. If you live outside California, we have jobs for you, too! Please check out the website for a list of ways you can help.

Read the press release


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