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Stop Genetically Modified Wheat in Canada!

(From the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network)

In 2004, genetically modified (GM - also called genetically engineered, GE) wheat was rejected by farmers and consumers across the globe, and yet industry is now working to prepare the way for GM wheat.

On May 14, 2009 industry groupsin Australia, Canada and the US pledged to "work toward the goal of synchronized commercialization of biotech traits in our wheat crops."

In response, on June 1, 2009, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and 14 groups from Australia, Canada and the United States issued a joint statement reminding Monsanto and industry groups that GM wheat has already been soundly rejected - and we reiterated our pledge to stop commercialization.

What Organizations Can Do:

If you belong to a group, association, church, union, professional body, please help us by asking your organization endorse the global rejection of GM wheat. Groups are asked to sign on to the statement here. Deadline: August 31, 2009.

Sign the statement: "In light of our existing experience with genetic engineering, and recognizing the global consumer rejection of genetically engineered wheat, we restate our definitive opposition to GE wheat and our commitment to stopping the commercialization of GE traits in our wheat crops."

What Individuals Can Do:

Send your instant letter to the Minister of Agriculture at

Visit to see other action options.

Visit OCA's GE Wheat Page and to learn more and take action.

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