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Mexican Farmers Demand End to Imported GE Corn from US

Prensa Latina, Havana - June 22, 2004

Mexicans Demand Moratorium on Corn Imported from US

Puebla, Mexico, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Mexican farm and indigenous
organizations, supported by Greenpeace, demand that US, Canadian and
Mexican ecology ministers release a report on genetically modified corn
or end imports to Mexico.

The US refusal to make the report on Corn and Biodiversity in Mexico
public is the first time that a promised report has not been presented
at the North American Environmental Cooperation Commission, now meeting
in Puebla, Mexico for its 11th session, La Jornada daily informed

Another news source, La Jornada de Oriente, reported that the NGOs
have demanded that, failing release of the document, the government of
President Vicente Fox declare a moratorium on the importation of seeds
and other genetically-modified products as a precaution, until there is
sufficient information as to the impacts these products have on
biodiversity and human health.

NAECC's Public Consultation Board also asked to see the report
because, "it would show a lack of respect to society and academia" to
give priority to "governmental interests tied to commerce."

Prior to participating at the NAECC meeting, Mexico's Environmental
Law Center president, Gustavo Alanis, affirmed that the Mexican
government showed little political willingness to contribute to the
protection of the environment by reducing public funds for such

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