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U.S. Organic Cotton Clothing Sales Increase But Domestic Organic Production Decreases

Posted 12/30/04

Organic Cotton Sales Increase, But Production Declines
U.S. organic cotton production in 2003 dropped to less than half that
recorded for 2001, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) announced recently.
According to an OTA survey funded by a grant from Cotton Incorporated and
additional information supplied by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing
Cooperative, U.S. growers harvested at least 4,628 bales of organic cotton
in 2003. Excluded from the 2003 figure, however, were data for 80 acres for
which the number of bales harvested went unrecorded. A 2002 OTA study of
organic production showed a total of 9,897 bales harvested in 2001. Despite
the drop in production, overall U.S. sales of organic fiber finished
products, predominantly made from organic cotton, grew 23 percent in 2003,
to reach $85 million, according to OTA's 2004 Manufacturer Survey released
earlier in the year. Meanwhile, U.S. acreage planted to organic cotton in
2003 was less than half that planted the previous year, according to survey