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Campaigners Get Nike & Esprit to Remove GMO Cotton from Their Garments

MNCs, Designers Join Lobbies Against GM Crops -- ATH:n/a

Posted 4/14/05

Vandana Shiva of the environmental group Navdanya, based in New Delhi, India, reports that Indian environmental groups are planning a campaign to ban genetically modified (GM) crops in India.

The campaign is receiving support from groups in Europe that oppose GM crops, including Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace Europe. As part of the campaign, Shiva says that the international corporations Nike and Esprit, as well as several Indian fashion designers, have committed to refuse to use GM cotton in their products. He says that the campaign will commence in two months and involve three separate phases. In an initial year-long phase, a "People's Commission" will be established to spread awareness about health and environmental issues associated with GM crops. Shiva says this phase will bring back attention to the suicides of farmers in Karnataka and Kerala who experienced crop failure last year. He says the second phase of the campaign will be an extension of the global movement for GM-free zones.

According to Shiva: "Presently, about 30,000 zones in Europe have been categorised as GMO [genetically modified organism] -free zones," and, "In India, thousands of villages have already taken pledge not to plant GM seeds." A third phase of the campaign will focus attention on biotechnology companies. The campaign will also include a focus on labeling GM products in India and creating more facilities for GMO testing. The article can be viewed online at the link below.

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