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New Report on Corporate Takeover of Organic Industry Available Online

Corporate Takeover of the Organic Industry Underway - New Report Out! posted by Family Farm Defenders on Saturday February 14 2004 @ 04:43PM PST

Farm Report
RAFI-USA has just released a new report
by Michael Sligh and Carolyn Christman, titled:

"Who Owns Organic? The Global Status, Prospects, and Challenges of a Changing
Organic Market"

Who Owns Organic is an essential snapshot of organic agriculture in 2003. It contains charts and graphs of global production and sales, as well as information on the North American industry. More importantly, it also urges a
dialogue within the organic community. Rapid growth in the organic sector (now up to $23 billion per year) is not good enough, especially if the price of this success is increasing market consolidation and corporate cooptation.

Copies of the report are available online for free:

Or one can order a copy for $15.00 (postage included) from: RAFI-USA, P.O. Box
640, Pittsboro, NC 27312 tel. 919-542-1396

For a depressing portrait of growing corporate control over the organic industry check out: