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Bush Administration--Death to the Salmon!

>From Grist Magazine <> Dec. 1, 2004

Northwest salmon to lose critical habitat; Bush admin to keep dams

A double dose of salmon news today: The Bush administration
yesterday announced its intention to cut by more than 80 percent the
miles of rivers and streams designated as critical habitat for
threatened and endangered Northwest runs of salmon and steelhead.
The plan, which is subject to a 60-day public comment period, was
drafted with assistance from Mark Rutzick, a former lawyer for the
timber industry who sued the government over salmon protections for
years before being appointed to the National Marine Fisheries Service
last spring. "As cynical as I am, I'm actually surprised at how bad
this [plan] is," said David Hogan of the Center for Biological
Diversity, an environmental group. Also yesterday, the
administration asserted that big hydroelectric dams on the Columbia
and Snake rivers in the Northwest don't threaten the survival of wild
fish runs (why? because they said so!) and declared that it would no
longer consider dam removal as an option for restoring fish

straight to the source: The Seattle Times, Craig Welch, 01 Dec 2004

straight to the source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Robert McClure,
01 Dec 2004

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see also, in Grist: Kick the Habitat -- GOP has set its sights on
revamping the Endangered Species Act -- in Muckraker