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Celebrate a Fair Trade Halloween

Posted 9/27/05

Don't Be Tricked By Your Halloween Treats!

Make the Switch to Fair Trade Chocolate and Help End Child Slavery on Cocoa Farms

During Halloween companies like Nestle USA enjoy their BIGGEST sales to
children. Unfortunately, chocolate is no treat for the hundreds of thousands of child cocoa laborers that work helping their families on farms or even toil as slaves.

The US chocolate industry says it's working to end abusive child labor on cocoa farms, but so far little has been accomplished and their plan does NOT guarantee farmers a fair and stable price for their cocoa.

There is a solution -- Fair Trade Certified Chocolate!

Fair Trade guarantees farmers a fair price for their cocoa, so they can feed their families and keep their kids in school. Fair Trade does not allow abusive child labor or forced labor.

Fair Trade Chocolate is now widely available but big chocolate companies like Nestle USA still refuse to sell it. Help us send a message to the major chocolate companies that we are tired of waiting for them to get serious about child slavery.

Join Global Exchange, the International Labor Rights Fund, Oxfam America, the Fair Trade Resource Network, Coop America and United
Students for Fair Trade in making a commitment to serving only Fair Trade Certified Chocolate in your home this Halloween.

Order your Fair Trade Trick or Treat Kit Help spread the word about Fair Trade in your neighborhood and keep the pressure on companies like Nestle USA by ordering our Fair Trade Trick or Treat Action Kit. The kit includes 36 individually wrapped pieces of Sweet Earth Organic Chocolate, each one prominently bearing the Fair Trade Certified label.

Also included you will find a spooky door sign proclaiming your home a Fair Trade Trick-or-Treat household, a pack of postcards to distribute along with each piece of candy and information on how your friends and neighbors can get involved. For more information on how you can order your Fair Trade Trick-or-Treat Candy and recieve a complimentary doorsign and kids postcard kit visit: Call Nestle USA and Demand Fair Trade, October 31 Along with other major players in the chocolate industry, Nestle USA committed to ending child labor on cocoa farms by July 2005. But four years after the world first learned of chlid labor abuses on West African farms, little has been accomplished and the problem continues unabated.

Call Nestle USA 1-800-225-5570 and demand they take their responsibility for ending forced and abusive child labor on their farms seriously by using Fair Trade Certified cocoa. You can also send a fax right now from our fax action page: Talk About Fair Trade in Your Classroom Halloween is the perfect occasion to talk children about where their chocolate comes from and what they can do to help their peers on cocoa farms around the world. Global Exchange has tons of resources available for teachers and children of all ages to learn more about how fair trade is helping farmers and their children build a better life.

Thousands of children participate in our fair trade chocolate campaign every year by writing letters to chocolate companies and staging events in their communities to educate their parents and peers about fair trade. Visit our children's education page for lesson plans, activity ideas and other materials to help you make your school fair trade:

For more information on how your school, church or community group can get involved or to order additional materials to promote fair trade in your home this Halloween, please contact Jamie Guzzi at 415-575-5538 or email