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Swine Flu Alert: Factory Farms & Vaccines - Protect Your Family, Know Your Rights

Despite years of warnings by public interest organizations, including the Organic Consumers Association and the Humane Society of the US, drugged-out pigs and chickens on intensive confinement factory farms have incubated a highly infectious H1N1 virus that set off a global pandemic.

This moderately virulent but rapidly spreading strain of influenza, which contains genetic material from pigs, birds and humans has already spread to every state in the union. The World Health Organization has warned that, although H1N1 is less deadly than the bird flu, it could mutate into a much more dangerous strain. As flu season hits the US, profit-obsessed drug makers are racing to supply vaccines and medicines. There are numerous health and safety concerns, including:

  • A leaked memo revealed that the swine flu vaccine has been linked to paralysis.
  • The fast-tracked vaccine contains novel adjuvants, including dangerous qualene which is linked to Gulf War syndrome.

The vaccine is being pushed through the school system, work places, and free vaccination programs. School children and public health workers are first in line for the swine flu vaccine and schools are being put on notice that they may be turned into shot clinics.

It is important to know how to avoid vaccination of your children and yourself. Plus, there are homeopathic alternatives for treating and building a natural immunity to the swine flu.


Swine Flu: Will Factory Farms Kill Millions?

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