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BioDemocracy Alliance

Creating GE-Free Zones Across the Americas

  Biodemocracy Petition:
People's Inalienable Right to Declare GE-Free Zones

By signing this Biodemocracy petition you can help the OCA put pressure on three of the ringleaders of efforts to terminate GE-Free Zones: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monsanto, and the Farm Bureau.

Please join us at this turning point in history, and make Biodemocracy--not Biotechnology--the foundation of a sustainable and just future.



Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Monsanto Company
800 North Lindbergh Boulevard
St. Louis, MO-63167

California Farm Bureau
2300 River Plaza Drive
Sacramento, CA 95833

There is mounting evidence that genetically engineered foods, crops, and animals pose unacceptable risks for public health, the environment, and the survival of family farms and traditional rural communities.

Therefore, we the undersigned, declare that people and communities across the United States and the world have an inalienable right to pass laws banning the cultivation and production of genetically engineered crops and animals.

Any government, elected official, judicial body, corporation, or trade association interfering with this basic right is guilty of the crime of suppressing democracy and will be held accountable.




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