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Just In Time for Halloween! Corn, a thriller featuring the risks of GMOs

USA 2004
97 minutes

The convergence of science, agriculture, big business and personal politics are deftly merged in writer/director Dave Silver's unsettling CORN. Featuring an alternately subtle and powerful performance by Jena Malone (DONNIE DARKO, SAVED), CORN delves into controversial territory and comes out with a story that rings with immediacy. Emily Rasmussen (Malone) has just returned home to her rural Pennsylvania town after an unplanned pregnancy has forced here to give up her college aspirations. She arrives back on her family's sheep ranch in the middle of a small mystery: a new corn crop has popped up on the adjacent plot and along with it has come a weed for which the family's sheep have developed a voracious appetite. Emily, driven by her motherly instinct to protect her child, goes searching for some answers to the mysterious crop and inadvertently ends up in a fight with agribusiness giant Agrimead, as well as a town dependent on lamb, her own father, and the father of her child. Silver taps into a highly contentious issue that goes right to the core of living-our food-and treats it with a scientific respect that lifts it above simple fear-mongering. He simultaneously finds a personal narrative that brings abstract social concerns into personal focus, giving us both issues to ponder and feelings to understand.

-Shandon Fowler, The Hamptons Film Festival.

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