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Organic Consumers Association: Biodemocracy News & Action Alert

August 3, 2004


  • Trinity County California Votes to Ban Genetically Engineered Crops
  • OCA Organizing House Parties Nationwide September 11-12 to Premier the Acclaimed New Anti-GE Video, "The Future of Food" by Debra Garcia
  • Help the OCA Fight the Counter-Attack by Monsanto and the Farm Bureau

    Volunteers in 30 Counties Across the U.S. Working with the OCA's Biodemocracy Alliance to Spread GE-Free Zones


Another Biodemocracy Victory in Northern CaliforniaTrinity, CA
Trinity County California Votes to Ban Genetically Engineered Crops

It was another bad day for Monsanto and the Biotech Bullies and another victory for the grassroots. Today, August 3, 2004, Trinity County, California became the second county in the nation to ban the production of genetically engineered (GE) crops and animals. By a vote of three to one, Trinity County Supervisors moved to ban GE crops and animals in order to protect Trinity's local economy, including its growing organic sector, and the environment. Today's decision comes in the wake of a March 2 ballot victory by voters in another Northern California county, Mendocino, banning GE crops.

In November four more of California's 59 counties (Marin, Butte, Humboldt, and San Luis Obispo) will be voting on ballot measures to ban genetically engineered organisms (GMOs). Monsanto, the Farm Bureau, and the Bayer corporation have vowed to crush this growing "Biodemocracy" movement, but public opposition to gene-altered crops has put the industry on the defensive. On May 10, Monsanto was forced to cancel plans to commercialize GE wheat, while other GMOs in the pipeline--including trees, fish, and biopharmaceutical crops, are facing increasing opposition, not only in the U.S., but across the world.

Trinity's GE Ban has been supported by a broad cross-section of county residents, including organic consumers, farmers, businesses, home gardeners, nurseries, social workers, students, church people, teachers, environmentalists, government employees, and investment, computer, and health professionals,

"Today's vote follows 25 years of tradition in Trinity County, regarding the passage of common-sense ordinances that protect the well being of local citizens," said Susan Bower, local farmer and ban proponent.
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OCA Organizing Film Premier/House Parties Across the U.S. September 11-12

Host a house party! Meet up with other anti-GE activists in your community. Help spread GE-Free Zones nationwide. Join the OCA September 11 and 12 to host a Biodemocracy fundraiser/house party, featuring a premier screening of the powerful documentary, "The Future of Food," by Debra Koons Garcia.

"The Future of Food" provides an in-depth investigation and critique of genetically engineered foods and crops, including interviews with farmer activists such as Percy Schmeiser, and scientific critics such as Dr. Michael Hansen.

For a donation of $25 dollars, the OCA will send you a video or DVD of the documentary, an OCA house party manual, and an action guide on how to spread GE-Free Zones in your local area or region.

OCA's goal is to have 300 simultaneous house parties across America September 11-12.
Join us to make this goal a reality!

For more information, email Ryan Zinn in the OCA's San Francisco office or call 415-271-6833.

OCA is now working with grassroots activists in over 30 counties across the country to create GE-Free Zones. But we need more volunteers and local Biodemocracy committees to help pass GMO bans. If you wish to volunteer, please email or call us.


Help the OCA Fight the Counter-Attack by Monsanto and the Farm Bureau
Biodemocracy Alliance

Trinity County's vote comes on the heels of a vicious attack in the corporate agribusiness farm journal, Western Farm Press, on the Biodemocracy Alliance and the OCA--accusing us, among other things, of fear-mongering and eco-terrorism (/old_articles/biod/slander072804.cfm). But we will not be libeled nor intimidated. Corporate agribusiness and the Gene Giants are attacking us, not because they are confident, but because they are scared. We and the people of the world are starting to win the battle against GMOs and usher in a new era of safe food, family farms, and a sustainable environment. But we need your support to defend Mendocino and Trinity's victories, as well as to spread Biodemocracy across California and the Americas. Please take the time now to send us a donation.

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