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Seen it all? GE Low-Carb, Atkins Corn!

Corn for the Atkins devotee?
Published May 6, 2004

A team of University of California, Riverside researchers has developed a low-carb corn that they hope may someday feed the world.

The team, led by biochemistry professor Daniel Gallie, figured out how to genetically engineer feed corn to produce twice the protein and half the carbohydrates of traditional feed corn.

If their experimental corn can be commercially produced it could fortify the diets of protein-starved people all over the globe, Gallie said.

"Even for many people in Third World countries who have access to enough calories in their diet, they don't have enough protein in their diet," he said.

Even in countries like the United States where protein is not a problem, "people could still eat corn but not be consuming the same amount of carbohydrates as they would with regular corn," he said.

At least one company has expressed interest in commercially developing the corn, Gallie said.

Before low-carb corn makes it to the picnic table, the engineered traits must be bred into sweet corn destined for supermarkets, something Gallie believes could be done in less than six years.

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