UK--Status of the Nationwide Frankenfoods Boycott

British ACTION AGAINST Genetically Engineered PRODUCTS. URGENT

(From Genetic Food Concern. 27/6/99)

Opposition to GM (Genetically Modified) food and crops is now very strong
in the UK, and consumers in the USA are beginning to follow our lead. So
lets keep up
the pressure and aim for a total ban on GMOs in the UK. Here are some
useful campaign suggestions (plus GM product info). Please take action
on these and pass them on to other GM campaigners and campaign groups.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Boots the chemist say they have no plans to go GM-
free! So please write to: The Managing Director, Boots the Chemists
Ltd, 1 Thane Road West, Nottingham, NG2 3AA (Fax: 0115-949-5650). Let
him know that, unless Boots decide to remove all GM ingredients AND
derivatives from their food, skincare, and pharmaceutical products,
then GM campaigners and consumer groups around the country will call
for a UK-wide boycott all Boots products. Also ask for a copy of Boots
policy on GM, plus a list of Boots products affected by GM ingredients
AND derivatives. If you don't have time to write, phone Boots Customer
Services on 0115 918 2000 and ask them to pass on your comments to
Boots management.

THE DAILY MAIL has rightly accused Tesco, Safeway and Asda of
"dragging their feet" on the removal of all GM ingredients and
derivatives from their own-brand products. Lets keep reminding these
companies that their "half-way" policy is not good enough, and that
the total removal of GM ingredients AND derivatives is the only option
that GM campaigners will settle for - otherwise the GM demonstrations
and boycotts of their products will continue. Call Tesco Customer
Services on Freephone 0800 50 5555; Asda on Freephone 0500 1000 55;
and Safeway on 01622-71-2000. Also request written details of their
policy on GM, and enquire what date their products are likely to be
free from GM ingredients AND derivatives.

WRITE TO David Salkeld, Chief Executive, MD Foods, Craven House, 87
Kirkstall Road, LEEDS, LS3 1JE. Fax: 0113 - 2904334. Let him know that
GM campaigners and consumer groups around the country will call for a
UK-wide boycott of Lurpak butter unless steps are taken to remove GM
cattle feed from the production process. Lurpak butter is very popular
in the UK and is marketed as a pure product - so MD Foods should
ensure that no GM is used in its production. MD Foods also produce
Harmonie organic butter, which, like all Soil Association approved
dairy products, is NOT affected by GM cattle feed (so they CAN get it
right when they want to!) Most brands of butter, cheese, milk, cream
and meat are affected by GM cattle feed - including Tesco, Asda,
Sainsbury, Safeway, and Marks & Spencer's dairy and meat products.
LETS CALL THESE COMPANIES and let them know that we want dairy
products that are produced without the use of GM cattle feed. (Call
M&S on Freephone 0800-389-4367; Call Sainsbury's on 0500 1000 55; For
Tesco, Asda and Safeway - see previous paragraph).

BOYCOTT FRANKENSTEIN CLOTHING! When we buy GM cotton clothing we
increase Monsanto's profits and contribute to the genetic pollution of
our planet via GM crops. Write to Nick Hollingworth, Managing
Director, Arcadia Group, 70 Berners Street, London, W1P 3AE (Fax 0171
291 2434). Let him know that, unless his company (which includes
Principles, Burtons, Dorothy Perkins. Hawskshead, Top Shop, and Racing
Green) stops selling clothing made from GM cotton, then GM campaigners
around the country will call for a UK-wide boycott of all these
products. If you don't have time to write, you can voice your concerns
by calling Freephone 0800 3890841; ask to be put through to Amanda
Bassett at Arcadia's Corporate Press dept. Ask for written details of
their policy on GM, and which of their clothing products are affected.


When contacting a company to enquire if foods, vitamins, medicines AND
childrens' vaccines are totally unaffected by GM, don't be fooled by
assurances such as - "Our product contains no GM ingredients, GM
material or GM protein". Such a statement usually implies that the
product contains GM derivatives, or has been produced with the aid of
GM enzymes or GM cultures. So always obtain a written assurance that
the product contains "...NO GM INGREDIENTS OR DERIVATIVES", and that

MOST BRANDS OF DRIED FRUIT, including raisins, sultanas, currants,
some brands of dates, plus dried fruit in breakfast cereals, are
coated with oil derived from GM soya. So favour "organic" brands of
dried fruit, or brands that don't list "vegetable oil" on the label
(these are available from some wholefood stores).

are much further down the biotech road than we are. ESPECIALLY AVOID
ALL USA PRODUCTS including fruit and vegetables, ice-cream, milk, milk
powder, butter, soy sauce, chocolate, popcorn, chewing gum,
healthfoods, vitamins, and cotton and denim clothing. All Canadian
honey is now suspect.

The American health-product company SOLGAR has been taken over by
MONSANTO. Solgar vitamins are sold widely in the UK.

HOLIDAYING IN AMERICA OR CANADA will almost certainly involve
consuming GM food on a regular basis (including GM fresh fruit and
vegetables). Most hotels, restaurants and theme parks are affected -
including Disney theme parks. Favour alternative destinations;
go self-catering, and avoid processed and packet foods wherever
possible. Many in-flight meals, snacks. sweets and fizzy drinks may be
affected by GM. Write to the directors of airline companies, and the
large hotel chains; demand food that is free from GM ingredients and
derivatives. British Airways seem to need some persuasion to go GM-
free. Write to: The Chief Executive, British Airways, Waterside, West
Drayton, UB7 OGB. Fax: 0208-759-9597.

AND FINALLY. Please write to the Letters Page of as many local and
national newspapers and magazines as possible on the dangers of GM-
foods (See "Sample Letter" below). Also mention the "How To Avoid GM-
Foods" website; the address is:
Let people know, that if they don't have a computer with Internet
access, they can simply take this web address to any library with an
Internet facility, where the GM-Free guide can be downloaded by a
member of staff - usually for a couple of pounds.

SAMPLE LETTER TO THE PRESS ("The Hidden Danger of GM Foods")


The government assures us that GM derivatives, such as soya oil, corn
oil, lecithin, and ascorbic acid etc., are safe to eat. Yet
independent genetic experts are warning, that because of the risk of
toxic contamination, GM derivatives may be even more of a health risk
than actual GM ingredients (such as soya flour and cornflour). For
example, the GM food product Tryptophan, which killed 80 American
consumers and left 1,500 disabled, was 99% pure, contained no DNA, and
was considered safe to eat - yet it contained a lethal toxin.
Like most consumers I do not wish to take risks with GM products,
and I would encourage everyone concerned about this important issue to
write to the Directors of Safeway, Tesco, Asda, and Boots the
Chemists, to demand the removal of all GM derivatives and GM
ingredients from their food products, sweets, vitamins, and cosmetics.
I would also like to recommend the informative website - "How To
Avoid GM-Foods", which is at:

Yours sincerely

Mr B. Goodfood


Genetic Food Concern