Protestors Destroy Two Plots of Genetically Engineered Corn in California

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . . . July 28, 1999


Lodi, California - In the early morning darkness of California's central
valley, two seperate actions were taken to fight the deadly scourge of
genetic engineering. One group, known as the Lodi Loppers, attacked a
comercial crop of DeKalb's Round-up Ready corn, the activists were able to
destroy approximately one acre of this heinous bio-hazard.

In a seperate action a group known as the Cropatistas laid waste to just
over one acre of Seed-Tech's Round-up Ready corn. These actions were taken
in order to show the Biotech industry in general, and Monsanto in
particular, that these genetically engineered crops are not wanted in the
U.S. and that Californians will use any means neccessary to eradicate this

Round-Up, manufactured by Monsanto, is the largest selling herbicide in the
world. This type of herbicide is one of the most common causes of
pesticide-related illness among agricultural workers. Now Monsanto has
genetically engineered crops such as corn, cotton, and soy beans to be
resistant to huge amounts of this deadly chemical. This technology is a
total scam; farmers are told that they will only have to spray their crops
once per year but recent research has shown that they are needing to spray
three and four times a year. While the Round-Up Ready crops withstand
increased applications of this deadly herbicide, non-target species,
agricultural workers and the people who eat these crops have no resistance
and therefore suffer the dire consequnces of this corporate profiteering.

This action was taken to send a solidarity message to the organic farmers
around the world who are resisting the genetic monster. Particularly, the
millions of Indian farmers who are leading by example with Operation Cremate
Monsanto, English activists who started the genetiX snowball campaign, and
the Lincolnshire Loppers (distant cousins of the Lodi Loppers). These
actions have shown that massive direct action can halt this biotech

Being that this was the first commercial genetically engineered crop pull in
the United States, it should be made clear that this action was not
targeting farmers. In fact, farmers are held hostage by biotech
corporations and this action sends a direct message that any genetically
engineered organisms released into the environment are a bio-hazard and must
be destroyed.

More importantly, this action is meant to show that we can resist
corporations and take the power back in our lives. As Americans, we must
take responsiblity for allowing genetic engineering to grow like it has,
since we are in the belly of the biotech beast. By pulling their crops the
industry has been put on notice that it can no longer expect
"business-as-usual" in the U.S., nor anywhere else in the world.