UPDATE 3/2/00

The battle to require the labelling of genetically engineered foods has
reached a state of critical mass: while a petition to place the issue of
mandatory labeling on the November 2000 California Ballot failed to get the
413,000 signatures to qualify, a Senate Bill (introduced by California's
Barbara Boxer) has been introduced to require the labeling of genetically
engineered foods. This, combined with a California Assembly Bill to require
that fluoride added to water not be hazardous industrial waste - which,
incidentally, is the case in 90% of all fluoridated water in the country,
including Los Angeles - shows that the widespread public concerns of GE foods
and water fluoridation are slowly having an effect on our legislators.
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Below was posted in Jan, 2000

Please help with a California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods

A California ballot initiative requiring labels on genetically
engineered foods is being proposed. Signatures are needed. To help,
visit http://www.calrighttoknow.org

This is an all-volunteer effort ­ no donations taken, no PACs. This is
supported by several prominent anti-ge activist groups.

If this initiative qualifies for the ballot in California, it will bring
widespread publicity, and help to push this issue to the forefront of public
debate throughout the U.S., which is our intention in putting it forward. To
qualify for the November 2000 election, we need over 413,000 valid signatures
from registered California voters by February 20th. We have an urgent need for
coordinators in each California county, and for signature gatherers in all

The deadline is February 20th.