Canada: Banned GM StarLink Corn Mistakenly Fed to Animals, Reversal of Previous Government Statement.
(Reuters, 16 March 2001)

OTTAWA - Canada's agriculture minister, already under pressure from protesting cash-strapped farmers and worried about foot-and-mouth disease spreading from Europe, admitted Friday that genetically modified corn containing the Starlink gene -- not approved for use in Canada -- was accidentally fed to animals.

"Some of it did get into the animal feed system," Lyle Vanclief told the House of Commons in response to questions from opposition members about how two shipments of the corn entered Canada from the United States this week. Vanclief's admission was a reversal of previous statements that one shipment was removed immediately and the second was traced and withdrawn. The minister, who said there was a "slim chance" the corn had entered the human food chain, has provided few details about the quantity of corn, or how or where it entered Canada. But an opposition member said the corn entered Canada at the port of Montreal...




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