Greenpeace Dumps 4 tons of GE soya at
U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair's Office

Thursday, February 18, 1999
By Reuters

Seven environmental protesters were arrested today in London after dumping
four tons of genetically modified U.S. soya beans outside British Prime
Minister Tony Blair's official residence.

"This is one of the few households in the United Kingdom where the occupier
seems to want to eat the stuff," Greenpeace UK director Peter Melchett told
Reuters as police moved the protesters' truck, decorated with the slogan
"Tony don't swallow Bill's seed."

The giant sacks of beans blocked the entrance to Downing Street and the
official residence of Blair, who has spoken out enthusiastically in favor
of genetically modified foods and says he eats them himself.

The government has found itself embroiled in a national panic over the
possible risks to human health and the environment from GM products.
Newspapers have dubbed them "Frankenstein foods" and supermarkets have been
trying to reassure their customers.

"He is wrong and he is completely out of touch with what people want. All
the advice he is getting is wrong advice," Melchett said, drawing parallels
with mad cow disease or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, which cost
taxpayers billions of pounds and is feared to have caused around 30 deaths.

On Wednesday, the government appeared to backing away from a decision to
allow commercial growing of GM crops from 2000, saying more time might be
needed to evaluate research.

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