March 27 Food Dump in Boston - Action Alert
Biodevastation 2000 Food Dump

Boston, MA- In an effort to highlight growing concerns over the potential
health and environmental dangers of genetically engineered food, The Organic
Consumers Association and Friends of the Earth will conduct a press
conference and public dumping of genetically engineered foods at a
supermarket in Boston.

When: Monday March 27, 12 Noon
Where: Star Market: 800 Boylston St, Boston MA
Who: Speakers to be announced
The market is located outside the Hynes Convention Center where the
Biotechnology Industry is holding its annual convention.

For More information contact:
Simon Harris (415) 643-9592
Sarah Newport (202) 270-1547


A coalition of environmental, food safety, public health, farm and
agricultural advocates will convene in Boston on March 24-30. Their
gathering, "Biodevastation 2000," is planned to coincide with the upcoming
convention of the Biotechnology Industry Organization at the Hynes
Convention Center.

"Biodevastation 2000 will highlight biotechnology's growing threat to our
health, the environment and the future of our farms," said Jessica Hayes,
spokesperson for Biodevastation 2000, "Following last November's events in
Seattle, we also hope to bring the resistance against corporate
globalization back to the center of public attention, as we bring diverse
organizations and individuals together to express the growing rejection of
genetic engineering."

Biodevastation 2000 is the fourth in a series of international grassroots
gatherings on genetic engineering that began in St. Louis in July of 1998.
The theme of this year's gathering is "Resistance and solutions to the
corporate monopoly on power, food, and life." The Biodevastation conference,
to be held at Northeastern University on March 24-26th, will bring together
scientists, activists, students, farmers, consumers and community leaders
from around the world to explore the facts, questions, and myths behind
genetic engineering and its partner, corporate globalization.

Workshops and speakers at Biodevastation 2000 will take an intensive look
into the impacts of genetic engineering on human health, the environment,
food and farms, and communities. Presenters will also explore ways for
communities to organize and create community-centered solutions to avoid the
dangerous impacts of genetic engineering. Biodevastation 2000 speakers
include Vandana Shiva of India's Research Foundation for Science,
Technology, and Ecology; long time biotechnology critic Ruth Hubbard of
Harvard University; and Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, former Fox TV reporters
fired for their expose of Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone, a genetically
engineered drug used on dairy cows.

"Consumers and farmers in Europe and Asia have voiced loud objection to the
life-threatening technologies of genetic engineering," said Heather
Albert-Knopp, one of the organizers from the Institute for Social Ecology's
Biotechnology Project, "While resistance against genetic engineering has
been slower to materialize in the U.S., it appears the tides are beginning
to turn."

An estimated 60% of processed food contains genetically engineered
ingredients, and with export markets refusing these products it is likely
that U.S. consumers will be ingesting more genetically engineered food. "As
people learn about the broader implications of these technologies, their
reactions are often very strong. It's not that folks in the U.S. don't care
about these issues, it's that they don't understand or know it is happening
and that the products of genetic engineering affect them daily." said
Heather Albert-Knopp.

Biodevastation 2000 is a collaborative project of Northeast Resistance
Against Genetic Engineering, Institute for Social Ecology, and People's
Earth Network; Co-sponsors include Clean Water Action, the Council for
Responsible Genetics, Boston Global Action Network, Greenpeace USA, Native
Forest Network, Mass PIRG and many others.

The counter-conference will take place March 24 - 26 at Northeastern
University, and will be followed by other public events including a rally
and parade on Sunday, March 26th, featuring international speakers and a
colorful display of larger-than-life puppets.

For more information on Biodevastation 2000 contact:

Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering

People's Earth Network

For media related questions contact:

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