Greenpeace Calls For Immediate FDA Recall of  Contaminated Product

ANAHEIM, CA (March 8, 2001) - Laboratory testing has revealed  that a Kellogg's product is made with StarLink corn, a genetically  altered variety that is not approved for human consumption. In  laboratory analyses, Kellogg's Morningstar Farms brand meat-free  Corn Dog tested positive for StarLink, and the corn dog and two  other products tested positive for genetically altered soy.  Greenpeace today filed notice with the Food and Drug  Administration calling on the agency to order an immediate recall  and health investigation of the Morningstar product.

"Kellogg's is selling genetically contaminated Morningstar Farms food and lying to consumers about it," said Charles Margulis,  Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Specialist. "Americans have  asked Kellogg's over and over to stop this genetic experiment on  our food, yet Kellogg's refuses to listen and tries to mislead  consumers. No one should trust the Kellogg's or Morningstar  names again."

Last October, Kellogg's was forced to stop production at a  Memphis plant due to concerns about StarLink contamination, but  the company claimed that no food products were affected. At the  time, Kellogg's refused to respond to a Greenpeace survey asking  about StarLink or other genetically engineered ingredients in its  products.

After its 1999 purchase of Worthington Foods, the original maker of Morningstar Farms products, Kellogg's began telling consumers  that Morningstar products would be made with non-GE soy.

In a letter dated August 15, 2000, Kellogg's told a consumer: "We are in the final stages of our conversion to non-genetically modified proteins....." An e-mail from Kellogg's to a consumer dated  October 5, 2000 claims: "We have completed conversion to non- genetically modified soy proteins in all Morningstar Farms,  Worthington, Natural Touch and Loma Linda products. We are  currently purchasing all non-genetically modified soy proteins and  have been using these in production since April 1, 2000."

However, the lab tests on Morningstar products bought just last month show that more than 50% of the soy in the Corn Dog is  genetically engineered, while Morningstar Veggie Patties and  Harvest Burgers contained detectable amounts of the gene altered  crop. Subsequent letters from Kellogg's to consumers admit that  Harvest Burgers still contain genetically modified soy.

In other letters about its cereals and other products, Kellogg's admits to American consumers that its U.S. products are "likely"  to be made with genetically modified grain. But a Kellogg's letter to  British consumers claims that Kellogg's "does not use genetically  modified maize or soya ingredients or derivatives..." in any of its  European products.

"Americans are shopping in the dark when they buy Morningstar Farms products," said Liza Pengelly, a concerned Morningstar Farms consumer in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Genetically tainted foods aren't labeled, and I can't trust Kellogg's. I won't buy these products until Kellogg's stops using all gene altered ingredients," she continued.


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