Anti-Genetic Engineering Biodevastation 3 Conference in Seattle
May 19-20

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIODEVASTATION 3, the third in a worldwide series of grassroots
gatherings about genetic engineering -- the first two were in
St. Louis and New Delhi -- comes to Seattle, Washington,
Wednesday and Thursday, May 19 and 20, 1999.

All-day workshop sessions and evening strategy sessions.
To be held at Plymouth Congregational Church in downtown Seattle.

Hosted by the Edmonds Institute and the Washington Biotechnology
Action Council, and co-sponsored by Food and Farming Forum,
Greenpeace U.S.A., Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies (West
Bengal,India), International Center for Technology Assessment,
Campaign for Food Safety, Diverse Women for Diversity,
BiotechnologyAction Montreal, Council for Responsible Genetics,
Center for Ethics and Toxics, the Gateway Greens, Institute for
Agriculture and Trade Policy, Non-Violent Action Committee of
Cascadia, Northeast Resistance to Genetic Engineering, the Global
Economy Working Group of the Church Council of Greater Seattle,
and others.

Teach-in/strategy sessions with a full house of exciting speakers,
including (in no particular order):
* Brian Tokar (writer/critic for Z Magazine and the Ecologist,
author of Earth for Sale, and teacher at Goddard College's Institute
for Social Ecology),
* Dr. Michael Hanson (Consumer Policy Institute scientist,
expert on bovine growth hormone, mad cows, and most of the
insanity in our food system),
* University of Indiana Professor Martha Crouch (biologist/
critic, and author of "How the Terminator Terminates..."),
* Oregon State University Professor Elaine Ingham (the scientist
who first shared the problems with a genetically engineered
microorganism that might have spelled the end of agriculture),
* Brewster Kneen (editor of The Ram's Horn, food system analyst,
and author of Farmageddon),
* Cathleen Kneen (co-editor of The Ram's Horn and organizer of
community food councils across Canada),
* Debra Harry (renowned critic of the Human Genome Diversity Project
and Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Coalition Against Biopiracy),
* Ronnie Cummins (the Safe Food Guardian of Global Days of Action and
editor of Food Bytes),
* Andy Kimbrell (lawyer/author whose organization battles various
federal agencies over BT crops, bioprospecting in Yellowstone,
and unlabelled genetically engineered food),
* Greenpeace genetic engineering campaigner Charles Margulies
(the strategist in the fishberry suit)
* and many others, including RAFI researcher/campaigner
extraordinaire Edward Hammond and long-time campaigner for
techno-sanity and civil rights UW Professor Phil Bereano, to name
just two.

There will be NO charge for the event (which includes free lunch both days).

To pre-register to ensure space, or to co-sponsor the event,
send in your request to A big crowd is expected.
BIODEVASTATION 3 coincides with BIO 99, the biotech industry's
annual convention, also in Seattle this year.