Ms. Carol Browner, Administrator
Public Information and Records Integrity Branch
Information Resources and Services Division (7502C)
Office of Pesticide Programs
Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460


Dear Ms. Browner, Docket Control No. PF-867B

The EPA is considering approval of products containing genetically
engineered StarLink corn for human consumption. StarLink was approved
only for animal feed and industrial uses because it contains a plant
pesticide, Cry9C, which is a suspected food allergen. According to the
EPA's Scientific Advisory Panel, Cry9C possesses the two properties that
are "the best available criteria presently known [for food allergen
proteins]: 1) heat stability and 2) resistance to digestion."

StarLink is already in the food supply, but some products containing it
have been recalled to protect public health. Approval now for food use
would not only subject Americans to the risk of allergies, but would
also undermine the credibility of the EPA. I urge you not to let EPA be
bullied by the food and biotech industries. Deny the petition for food
use of StarLink. Thoroughly investigate all alleged cases of allergic
reactions and subject StarLink to stringent allergenicity tests. Japan
has refused to accept StarLink in its food supply. Americans deserve no

Sincerely yours,