New Recommended Book on
GE Foods by Kathleen Hart

Eating in the Dark
America's Experiment with Genetically Engineered Food
Kathleen Hart

Science - Biotechnology | Pantheon | Hardcover | May 2002 | $25.00|

About this book

Eat Your GenesMost Americans eat genetically modified food on a daily basis. Yet many
of us are barely aware that we're eating something that has been altered;
food labels do not include information on ingredients that have been
genetically modified, and the subject has received surprisingly little
media coverage.

Even as genetically engineered foods spread throughout America, most
consumers abroad have refused to eat them. Opposition to genetically
engineered food is now beginning to surface in the United States, where
biotechnology is becoming a major issue for the new century.

Eating in the Dark tells the story of how these new foods, most of which
are engineered either to produce or to withstand heavy doses of
pesticides, quietly entered America's food supply. Kathleen Hart explores
the potential of this new technology to enhance nutrition and cut
farmers' expenses. She also reveals the process by which regulatory
agencies decided to allow the biotechnology industry to sell its products
without first submitting them to thorough testing for possible long-term
threats to consumer health and the environment.

Hart has talked to scientists, farmers, industry members, and activists,
and she has gained unprecedented access to the inner chambers of the
Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of
Agriculture, and the Food and Drug Administration, where the crucial
decisions have been made to allow these foods into our stores. Combining
a balanced perspective with a sense of urgency, Eating in the Dark is a
revelatory guide to a subject of paramount importance. "Call Kathleen
Hart an ethical sleuth who finds the truth behind the closed doors of
government and corporate America. We've all heard about genetically
modified foods but Hart brings us to the facts through the art of the
storyteller. This book ultimately becomes a tale of domesticity and
wildness written by a journalist with both integrity and conscience. It
is a testament to how we define health in the name of democracy."
--Terry Tempest Williams, author of Leap

"This book lays bare a scandal bigger than Enron: We've planted half our
nation's fields in transgenic crops with only the dimmest sense of what
that might mean to our own health and the health of the planet. Reading
this volume will make you angry, but from that anger will hopefully come
a renewed resolve to make our governments actually perform the jobs we
entrust to them."
--Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature

"In the spirit of Rachel Carson, Kathleen Hart gives us all the light we
need, not only to see what we are eating but to begin to do something
about it. Our failure to act -- as the Europeans have already done --
henceforth will be the product not of darkness but of blindness."
--David F. Noble, author of The Religion of Technology

"I don't think anyone who reads this book will feel comfortable with the
brash optimism of the biotech hustlers -- and their FDA handmaidens --
any longer. Good thing, too."
--Kirkpatrick Sale, author of The Conquest of Paradise

Author Biography

Kathleen Hart is a journalist who has been writing about health and the
environment for more than fifteen years. She has covered agriculture and
biotechnology for Food Chemical News and has reported on nuclear power
and nonproliferation for McGraw-Hill's Nucleonics Week. She previously
served as editor of the Environmental Health Letter. Her articles have
appeared in the Boston Globe and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,
among other publications. She lives in Washington, D.C.

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