Greenpeace Calls for National Day of Action
Against Trader Joe'sSupermarkets 4/17/01

Web Note: The two major marketplace campaigns against genetic engineering in
the US at the present time are the OCA's Starbucks/Frankenbuck$ Campaign and
the Trader Joe's Campaign spearheaded by Greenpeace and other anti-GE
groups. The following is an Action Alert on the Trader Joe's Campaign.

Call To Action!!!

April 17th National Day of Action against Trader Joe's

Greenpeace, GE Free L.A. and North West Resistance Against Genetic
Engineering (NW RAGE) have launched campaigns against food retailer
Trader Joe's, due to their continued use of genetically engineered
ingredients in their store brand products, and their refusal to address
our concerns and those of their customers.

Trader Joe's has heard from thousands of consumers concerned about
genetically engineered (GE) foods and has still failed to take action.
Trader Joe's has built their reputation on leading the field in labeling
and demanding milk free of the controversial GE growth hormone rBGH,
designed to increase milk production in cows. They also carry and
promote several organic products under their brand name. But by
continuing to support GE food, they threaten the very organic and small
family farmers they claim to support! In recent press statements Trader
Joe's has towed the biotech industry line that GE foods are no less
nutritious than their non-GE counterparts, and that they are sanctioned
by the FDA as being perfectly safe. They have even gone so far as to say
that the concern over GE foods is " hysteria." Consumers rely on
companies like Trader Joe's to do the right thing. They have ignored or
refused attempts by several groups to meet with them and discuss our
very serious concerns with genetic engineering.

It Is Time For Action !!!

Tell Trader Joe's to protect our health and our environment!

Tuesday April 17th is a national day of action against Trader Joe's.
They have stores in 13 states (Arizona, California, Connecticut,
Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon,
Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington), and consumers in all of these
states should be heard! Tell Trader Joe's to do the right thing by
eliminating GE ingredients from their store brand products!

If you are interested in organizing or participating in an April 17th
event at Trader Joe's, please contact Heather Whitehead at Greenpeace
(415) 512-9024 or (415) 999-7404. You can also email Heather at for materials or local contacts.

Materials available!! There is an organizers kit available with flyers,
petitions, ideas on what you can do, store policies from Trader Joe's
parent company in Europe, Aldi (who have already removed GE ingredients
from their store brand products), as well as stores in the U.S. who have
made this important commitment. Sample press releases and background
information on Trader Joe's as well as a media list for your area. These
are all available by contacting Heather Whitehead at Greenpeace. You can
also access some general information from the Greenpeace True Food
Network website at

Heather Whitehead Greenpeace - Genetic Engineering Campaign 965 Mission,
Suite 625 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)512-9024
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Institute for Social Ecology,
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