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Mad Cow: Stop the Madness! Spinach
Center For Food Safety
Irradiation supports the environmentally unsustainable and inhumane system of factory animal production. For information on factory farming, begin with the Global Resource Action Center on the Environment.
Food and Water Watch
The Corporate Agribusiness Research Project (CARP)
Electronic newsletter about corporate agribusiness and farm issues. Great source for detailed news about the meat/poultry industry. 2-3 issues/month.
NIRS (Nuclear Information and Research Service)
One-stop source for information on nuclear energy, its uses, its effects, expert opinion, fact sheets, news reports, etc. Nonprofit public interest group.
The Humane
Farming Association
Against factory farming. Good pamphlets on treatment of factory farmed animals. Sells the book Slaughterhouse.
FARM (Farm Animal
Reform Movement)
Education about factory farming and for animals.
Heart of America Northwest
a regional nonprofit public interest organization focused on the clean-up of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, transportation of nuclear waste to the Northwest, and other hazardous waste issues. Opposes reopening the Hanford, Washington, nuclear reactor, which is still being considered. One use is to make cobalt-60 for food irradiation.

Irradiated Food

Irradiated fruits and vegetables benefit the packer and grocer, not the farmer or consumer. The consumer receives an inferior product that appears fresh, but has depleted vitamins and enzymes.

Action Alert:
Tell the FDA: Don't Irradiate My Veggies!

The FDA has proposed a new rule under the 2010 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), one aimed at preventing foodborne illnesses. One of the ways for producers of fruits and vegetables to avoid having to comply with the new rule would be to irradiate their products.

The FDA would have us believe that irradiation is perfectly safe. Yet research has revealed a wide range of problems in animals that ate irradiated food, including premature death, a rare form of cancer, reproductive dysfunction, chromosomal abnormalities, liver damage, low weight gain and vitamin deficiencies.

Take action today! Tell the FDA: Don’t irradiate my veggies!


Articles and books

January 8, 2013: “The Irradiation Loophole” – Alliance for Natural Health

May 2007: “Your Right to Know: FDA Poised to Weaken Labeling on Food Irradiation” – Center for Food Safety

Which foods can be irradiated? What are the labeling requirements?

Information on electron-beam irradiation.

An introduction to free radicals, which are created by irradiation.

The health costs of low-level ionizing radiation.

Irradiation kills/deactivates the digestive enzymes in raw foods: information on enzymes.

Compare the radura (the symbol that means food has been irradiated) with the Environmental Protection Agency's eco-friendly symbol!

October 9, 2002: Public Citizen surveys the history of approval of irradiation, "World Health Organization Ignored Hazards of Irradiated Foods, Declared Them Safe." The full report (PDF).

April 2001: “Top 10 Reasons for Opposing Food Irradiation” –

Spring 1999 - Background articles from the journal Food & Water 

The Food That Would Last Forever, by Dr. Gary Gibbs. $14.95 Canadian. 

Food Irradiation, Who Wants It?, the definitive 1987 book by Tony Webb, Tim Lang & Kathleen Tucker. $5.95 Canadian. Purchase both books from Health Action Network Society. Call 604-435-0512. Shipping charges apply. 

Excerpts from Food Irradiation, Who Wants It? 

The Biology of Food Irradiation, by David R. Murray (Taunton, Somerset, England: Research Studies Press Ltd., distributed in the US by New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1990). A detailed, scientific case against irradiation.

Is irradiation "like a TV "? "Like a microwave"? Judge for yourself.
They say you can buy organic if you don't want to eat irradiated food. Organic production is the ideal, but it's not available everywhere. We want the nonorganic food supply to be safe and environmentally sustainable as well.
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