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"EPA's acquiescence to the demands of the rat poison industry is a disturbing example of the Bush administration EPA allowing industry literally to rewrite the rules."--
Aaron Colangelo (Attorney who uncovered EPA documents of private industry meetings)




OCA Organizing Mad Cow Campaign House Parties
Across the U.S.

Host a house party! Meet up with other pro-organic, anti-industrial agriculture activists in your community. Help spread information about organic, sustainable and ethical meat and dairy farms nationwide. Join the OCA to host a Mad Cow Campaign fundraiser/house party, featuring an exclusive screening of the powerful presentation, "Mad Cow: Plague of the 21st Century?" featuring OCA scientist Dr. Michael Greger, MD.

"Mad Cow: Plague of the 21st Century?" with Dr. Greger provides a detailed expose of in-depth investigation and critique of factory farming, Mad Cow's impact on human health and the US government coverup.

"Michael Greger's work is imbued with deep commitment, discerning intelligence, and life-affirming compassion. His work is a gift to our times."
-John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America

For more information on the OCA's Mad Cow Campaign, please visit: /old_articles/madcow.htm

You can host a "house party" in your home, community center, place of worship, farmers market or natural food coop. Our goal is to build strong, informed communities while promoting family farmed, organic meat and dairy production. The OCA will provide you with the film and checklist for hosting a house party, as well as a comprehensive guide for creating true alternatives to Mad Cow and Factory Farms.

OCA members have sent over 20,000 petition signatures to the USDA demanding:

  • Mandatory testing for all cattle brought to slaughter, before they enter the food chain.
  • A ban on the feeding of blood, manure, and slaughterhouse waste to animals.
  • That the USDA stop harassing farmers and food processors who are interested in independently testing their own beef.

But we need more volunteers and local OCA activists to educate their community and keep the pressure on the Federal, State and Local Government. Order yours now.


For a donation of $15 dollars, the OCA will send you a DVD of the "Mad Cow: Plague of the 21st Century?" presentation, an OCA house party manual, and a Mad Cow action guide. Sorry, video cassettes are not available at this time.

Four easy steps to get started:

  1. Make your donation of $15 to receive your DVD of "Mad Cow: The Plague of the 21st Century?" your OCA house party manual, and Mad Cow action guide. You can make your donation one of three ways:

    -PHONE: Call the main OCA office (218-226-4164)

    -MAIL: Send your donation with a note indicating you'd like the Mad Cow house party pack. Organic Consumers Association, 6101 Cliff Estate Rd, Little Marais, MN 55614

    -WEB: Donate online with our secure credit card form. In the "Comments" box on the credit card form, please indicate you'd like the Mad Cow house party pack

  2. We will send you your Mad Cow DVD documentary and manual for organizing your house part or community event. We will also help you advertise your event on our website and to the press, if these are options you are interested in pursuing.

  3. Email or call 218-226-4164 let us know you are interested (or with any questions you may have).


Find out about DVDs available for other OCA Campaign House Parties here.




Find out about DVDs available for other OCA Campaign House Parties here.



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