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Mad Deer Disease Infected Animal Served at Fireman's Feast in New York State

Officials: Diseased deer served at Verona [New York] gathering
April 4, 2005
updated 11:22 a.m.

LINDA MURPHY Observer-Dispatch (Utica, NY)

VERONA--The white-tailed deer recently diagnosed with chronic wasting disease was one of the deer donated to the Verona Fire Department and served at its Annual Sportsmen's Feast on Sunday, March 13, an Oneida County Health Department spokesman said today.

People who consumed the venison need not worry about contracting the disease, spokesman Ken Fanelli said.

"There's no indication whatsoever that the disease has been linked to human illness of any kind," Fanelli.

The deer was donated before the health department knew it had the disease, according to the health department.

Nonetheless, the health department wants anyone who attended the event on March 13 and who may have eaten the venison to contact 798-5064. Or call the New York State Health Department's toll-free information line at (800)

"We want to discuss the issue with them and to reassure them," he said.