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Mad Cow
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Mad Cow
Mad Deer

Mad Cow

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Paperback 'Mad Cow USA' now available

January 29, 2004 Center for Media & Democracy by John Stauber
A paperback version of Mad Cow USA has just been printed. It's the same as the hard copy book of 1997, but with a new foreword written since the discovery of mad cow in America. The cover price is $17.95.

We are selling single copies for $20 each, which includes postage and shipping.

For orders of 5 or more books, we are charging $15 each, which includes postage and handling.

For orders of 20 books or more, please inquire about further discounts.


John Stauber

To order, please send a check with all necessary information to:

Center for Media & Democracy
520 University Avenue #227, Madison, WI 53703

Phone (608)260-9713 Fax 260-9714 -

PS: We will continue to make the earlier version of MCUSA available free as a download off our website at:


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