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Past alert: 4/3 FDA announces public meeting on mad cow disease

Mad Cow USA/Canada

2001 Archives 1996-2001

Mad Cow Europe      Top
6/28, EU criticizes Sweden's sloppy mad cow testing: report
6/23 Origin of mad cow disease questioned
6/21 Spreading BSE in Czech Rep by milk replacer import possible
6/21 Mystery case of mad cow disease triggers fresh health fears
6/21 Russia bans McDonald's brain-containing burger meat
6/20 France lambasted for violating free trade BSE rule
6/20 French report blames Britain, EU and France for mad cow
6/19 E.U. to extend meat and bone meal ban to all farm animals
6/18 France faces EU court over mad cow free trade issue
6/17 Tokyo tries to bury alarming report on mad cow disease
6/17 Scientists baffled by mystery of new mad cow disease case
6/16 McDonald's earnings continue to be affected
6/15 Pressures of farming in Britain led to three suicides
6/14 World Health Organization recommendations
6/14 Another BSE-sized disaster may strike, scientist warns
6/14 European mad cow disease tests described as 'flawed'
6/12 'One in five German farms will be organic within 10 years'
June, 2001 Updated World Health Organization fact sheet
6/11 Market liberalisation could spread mad cow risk
6/11 Expert: Live exports spreading BSE to Eastern Europe
6/11 France fears new mad cow crisis after mix-up
6/11 Gelatin Makers Concerned About Product Ban by France
6/10 Czech animal waste burning linked to recent BSE occurrence
6/8 Mad cow disease has spread outside of Western Europe
6/6 British beef may be cross contaminated in the slaughterhouse
6/5 Agencies work to keep mad-cow disease out of U.S. pastures
6/5 Advice for travelers to Britain
5/22 Germany's farm minister stands by radical organic agenda
5/22 EU commissioner proposes new mad cow measures
5/18 Damning report 'fiercely' criticizes handling of mad cow
5/15 McDonald's Foreign Woes Under Scrutiny
5/14 European Ag Ministers Support Organic Farming
5/5 Health scare may lead to greener farming
April, 2001
"Mad Cow" Disaster: A Free Trade Nightmare
4/27 Scrapie gives cattle BSE-like disease
4/26 Ministers risked 'new BSE' in pigs
4/24 Germany leads calls for total E.U. ban
4/23 Where more farms are going green
4/18 African antelope may have triggered mad cow disease
4/14 French BSE report critical of government
4/14 Vegetarianism in italy is skyrocketing
4/8 PETA's warning on mad cow
4/7 Frequently asked questions about BSE
4/2 Mad Cow Boosts Organic Farming
4/5 Food Scientist Says Germany Covered Up BSE Cases
4/3 States in east 'must tighten up on BSE regulations'
4/2 BSE risk assessment for thirteen third countries
EU planned BSE lies to protect beef industry
3/28 Scrapie (Mad Sheep Disease) May Pose a Risk to Humans
Feb - Hoof-and-Mouth Disease in England
2,26 - English Hoof-and-Mouth Disease Spreading
2,1 - EU Mad Cow Crisis Destroying Beef Industry
1,25 - Mad Cow Spurs Major Turn to Organic Ag in Europe
1,16 - McDonald's Suffers from Mad Cow Scare in Italy
12,5 - EU Bans Feeding Animals to Animals in Wake of Mad Cow Crisis
11,14 - Mad Cow Fear Sweeps France
10,29 - UK Predicts Massive Increase in Human "Mad Cow" Deaths
7,23 - Britons Alarmed by Report that Mad Cow Disease May Infect Millions of Sheep
July 7 : EU to ban high-risk cattle tissues
April 5: UK Government Ministers Prepare Public for More Bad News on Human Mad Cow Epidemic
January 8: Scientists Say "Millions" of Europeans May Eventually Die from CJD
June 30, 1997: UK - Power Stations to Burn BSE Waste (PA News) Archives 1996-2001

CJD        Top
6/29 Study: Gelatin Process Cuts Mad Cow Infectiousness
6/29 Concern about mad cow threat from gelatin
6/26 CDC reclassification doubles Alzheimer's deaths
6/26 Four child victims of mad cow disease
6/24 Dying for a meat pie
6/23 Humans can live with BSE as long as they do not eat brains
6/21 Prospects for a CJD urine test
6/21 CJD specialty clinic established in Britain
6/21 Mad cow incubation in human victims may be up to 50 years
6/21 Prospects for treatment of human mad cow disease
6/21 14-year-old girl latest suspected victim of mad cow
6/19 700 attend service to remember CJD mother
6/18 Grief-stricken husband calls for CJD action
6/17 Does a prion play a role in the spread of cancer?
6/16 Can blood infected with prions be made safe?
6/15 Human case of mad cow disease confirmed in Hong Kong
6/15 Current estimates predict mad cow will kill 136,000 people
6/13 New technique for earlier mad cow detection
6/12 How Mad-Cow Disease Hit Home for Five Families
6/12 Experts fear mad cow global pandemic
6/9 Hong Kong confirms first suspected human case of mad cow
6/6 Debate rages over real risks of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
6/5 CJD gaining attention in United States
6/4 Net users alerted to online mad cow disease risk
6/3 Cannibalism holds warning of mad cow
6/2 'They've killed my child.'
6/1 Could you get mad cow from a pill ?
5/31 Surgery delays due to vCJD fears
5/29 Search for mad cow disease blood test
5/29 Do pesticides have a role to play in mad cow disease?
5/28 Human mad cow case in the Carribean?
5/28 Guardian editorial on food safety
5/25 CJD on increase as human death toll passes 100
5/25 Mad cow in the water?
5/23 Slaughter method raises mad cow disease fear
2001 Human lethal dose may be as small as 10 grams
5/21 Risk from ash from cattle cull
5/17 Up to 300 French vCJD Cases Projected
5/15 Mad cow disease may kill millions of people
5/13 Australian death may be mad cow linked
5/13 New CJD outbreak claims 3 lives
5/13 FDA rebukes top processor of human tissue
5/12 Latest victim: Son not told of CJD
5/11 Search for tainted surgical tools is on
5/9 Fears as vCJD toll rises to 99
5/9 Disease fear closes operating rooms
5/1 A CJD cluster reported in Long Island, New York
Five percent of Alzheimers may be CJD

5/5 FDA voices concern over supplements, mad cow disease
5/1 Mad Cow's Human Toll
Apr. nvCJD victim count could reach 250,000
4/30 How pathologists dealing with CJD in the US
4/30 Quest for blood test for mad cow and CJD
4/30 Latest human victims of mad cow disease
4/28 CJD turned 'perfect girl into a wreck'
4/27 Four more tested for human form of foot-and-mouth disease
4/26 Human Mad Cow Disease Claims Oldest Victim
4/26 Third French death from human form of mad cow disease
4/22 Slaughterhouse by-product market reeling
4/14 New human type of mad cow worries Red Cross
4/14 Infected sheep could be as dangerous as mad cows
4/13 Mad cow sleuths at odds over cause
4/13 New York City imports blood from Europe
4/12 The Unthinkable: Alzheimers Caused by Meat?
4/12 Palestine [Texas] death attributed to CJD
4/11 Bovine collagen injections
4/11 Foot-And-Mouth Pyres Could Spread BSE And vCJD
4/10 Safety of Popular Arthritis Supplements Questioned
4/9 Scientists probe eight new CJD 'hotspots'
4/8 Mad cow raises awareness of another mysterious killer
4/7 Study Points to 'Mad Cow' Blood Risk for Humans
4/6 Student is latest victim of CJD amid figures shock
4/6 Diseased pyres pose CJD threat
4/2 Monthly British nvCJD statistics
4/2 Mad cow here? It's the wrong question

4/1 Blood fear over CJD
4/1 Nature editorial: Impending world-wide health crisis?
3/23/01 Suit filed over mad cow disclaimer in supplements
3/22/01- UK CJD Cluster Linked to Similar Butchering Process
7,25/00 - CJD Deaths Rising--Mad Cow Disease May Kill 500,000 Britons
June 7, 1999: L.A. Times: Mad Cow Disease and Blood Donors
January 19, 1999: Rare Illness-CJD, taking a swift toll on young family.
December 19, 1998: Canada Quarantines US Blood Plasma Because of Fears of a Mad Cow-like Disease in the USA
May 18, 1997:Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) Obituary
May 18, 1997: Possible Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) Epidemic in the United States
April 17, 1997: Mad-Cow Disease Death of an Indiana man.
March 27, 1997: World Health Organization People at risk from the human form of mad cow disease should not donate blood. (Reuters) Archives 1996-2001

Foot & Mouth Disease Top
5/17 Cull may have been excessive, says foot-and-mouth adviser
5/15 Eco-terrorists may be to blame, says Farmer's Union head
5/13 Maff 'masks' true foot and mouth tally
5/12 Disease aftermath will cost billions
5/12 Assessing the American threat
5/10 Foot and mouth disease in human beings
5/10 Kansas, Missouri develop bioterrorism laws
5/6 Army threatened cull farm family with house arrest
5/5 Origin of British epidemic debated
5/4 European beef scare revives appetite for horse meat
5/4 Talk of the Nation foot and mouth disease transcript
5/4 Intensive farming blamed in part for epidemic
5/4 US considering dairy import ban
5/3 A million families may have stopped buying red meat
5/1 Army operation dwarfs campaign in gulf, says Blair
4/30 Never again must we be dictated to by the farming lobby
4/30 British government coverup
4/29 Army 'caused original foot and mouth infection'
4/29 Top scientist condemns 'flawed' cull
4/29 Critical editorial on 'scorched Earth' policy
4/29 Anger as the waste from carcasses is pumped into the sea
4/28 Threat of civil disorder over health fears intensifies
4/28 Alarm at patches of 'bubbling blood' from sheep burial
4/27 Why Blair decided to rescue Phoenix
4/26 Pigswill, lies, and evasion
4/26 Human 'victim' fears farms will shun him
4/26 The calf they couldn't cull fights on
4/25 Demand for U.S. horse meat exports boosted
4/25 Ministry of Agriculture to be abolished
4/25 Uncertainty could lead to farmers' rebellion
4/25 MP favours use of napalm 'firebombs'to burn carcasses
4/25 Human 'victim' says it feels like bad dose of flu
4/25 Slaughterhouse staff demand greater protection from virus
4/25 Foot-and-mouth: Fears for humans grow
4/24 Sixties victim recovered after five months
4/24 Giant pit will hold 500,000 carcasses
4/24 Forty people have caught it before
4/23 UK Human foot-and-mouth: The history
4/23 'Very serious problem' disposing of rotting carcasses
4/22 US cattle rancher fears loss of consumer confidence
April, 2001 A political analysis of foot and mouth
4/22 Protests - farmers barricade land to stop culls
4/22 Foot and mouth spreads to wild deer population
4/22 Army, CIA part of drive to keep foot-and-mouth disease out
4/22 Emotional toll on humans especially high
4/22 95 percent of culled animals died healthy
4/21 Is the epidemic under control?
4/21 All it takes to start germ war is a washcloth
4/20 Chickens have come home to roost
4/19 Chance of US outbreak 'quite great'
4/18 Food Fright and European Traveling
4/17 Use germ war gear to test pyres, says expert
4/17 US would call out National Guard
4/16 Boiled brains and BSE for Easter
4/16 Cheese ban
4/15 Burial plan 'could be a public health disaster'
4/15 Emergency powers invoked for 100 landfill mass graves
4/11 Animal Groups Seek Public Awarness
4/10 Slaughter of the innocents
4/9 Kill or Cure
4/9 Kenya's Masai call Europe's slaughter of cattle foolish
4/9 Foot-and-mouth disease abounds
4/8 Maff's 'nightmare' as foot and mouth jumps 40-miles
4/8 'It's worse than Northern Ireland or the Gulf...'
4/8 Foot-and-mouth epidemic set to dominate EU meeting
4/8 MAFF 's 'chinese restaurant' theory doesn't stand scrutiny
4/7 Two million animals in the queue for death
4/6 Canadian Intelligence tipped to bioterrorism fears
4/6 Dutch Farmers facing mass foot-and-mouth slaughter
4/6 Britian's handling of foot-and-mouth crisis condemned
4/5 Livestock Plagues Could Be Bioterrorist Attack
4/4 Foot and Mouth Does Pose a Human Health Risk
4/4 Animal disposal row intensifies
4/4 PETA would welcome foot-and-mouth outbreak
4/4 Vandana Shiva's take on Foot and Mouth Disease
4/3 Minister calls for move to organic farming
4/2 "Doubts About the Industy's Future"
4/1 Animal pyres are poisoning Britain
4/1 U.S. fends off foot-and-mouth
3/15-20 Hoof And Mouth Epidemic in Animals--How to Stop It Without Slaughtering Millions of Animals
3/4 Dangers of 'cheap food'

Highlighted ArticlesTop
1/8 How Germany found its first case of mad cow disease
Jan 2001 OCA Update on Mad Cow USA
3/96 - Nobel Prize Winner Says Mad Cow Disease is in USA Archives 1996-2001

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