Monsanto's Latest Dirty
Tricks in the Philippines

Sept. 15, 2002

Norfolk Genetic Information Network (ngin),
"Monsanto has a series of shop windows with which to influence the GM
debate. One of these is AgBioWorld. The chief mannequin seems to be
Prakash" - from SEEDS OF DISSENT

NGIN's repeatedly drawn attention of late to the big upsurge in CS
Prakash realated black propaganda in the Philippines (see item 2 below).

A series of articles and letters have been published in the Philippine
press involving the most outrageous claims. In addition to Prakash,
those quoted have included some of his closest collaborators: Patrick
Moore, Norman Baulag, Ingo Potrykus.

The claims made in these articles have hyped the benefits of adopting GM
crop production while vilifying those who "obstruct" their adoption:

"A US-based leading advocate for biotechnology, Dr. Channapatna S.
Prakash Friday said Europe-based Greenpeace... spends about $170 million
for such an activity... Prakash would not say if pesticides companies
are financing the operations of Greenpeace."
('Greenpeace spends $170M to oppose biotech', The Philippine STAR, 23
June 2002)

"...the consequence of the obstruction posed by Greenpeace 'is that many
thousands are dying, or have severe health problems such as irreversible
blindness, who otherwise could live healthy and productive lives.' "
(Ingo Potrykus in 'Swiss scientist scores Greenpeace', The Philippine
Star, 1 September 2002)

"Mr. Prakash said, in the Philippine context, local farmers can benefit
from using biotechnology in three areas - increasing the yield of their
harvest, reducing the amount of pesticides used and lastly reducing
postharvest losses as most genetically-modified crops have longer shelf
life." ('Local Farmers Urged To Adopt Biotechnology', Asia Intelligence
Wire, June 26 2002)

The reason for the all-out propaganda barrage of the last few months has
now been explained.


2. TOPIC OF THE MONTH: The Prakash Lies
AFX News, September 12, 2002

MANILA (AFX-ASIA) - Monsanto has filed an application with the
Philippine government for commercialization of its Bacillus
thuringiensis (Bt corn), Philippine Rice Research Institute chief
science research specialist Rhodora Aldemita told BusinessWorld.

She said the application was filed by the company on Sept 2, and
scientists will have 90 to 120 days to conduct a review of the

Aldemita said it will be reviewed by the Science and Technology Review
Panel of which she is a member, as well as by the Bureau of Plant
Industry, Fertilizers and Pesticides Authority, the Bureau of
Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards, and the Bureau of Animal
2. from GMWATCH number 1
TOPIC OF THE MONTH: The Prakash Lies

DID YOU KNOW that GM crops double production; that "most
genetically-modified crops have longer shelf life"; that anti-GM
activists killed 10,000 people in Orissa; that Greenpeace's anti-GM
campaign is being paid for by the agrochems; that Prof Prakash is one of
the world's great heroes; and Prof Prakash has absolutely no connection
with Monsanto's PR operations?

NGIN's been tracking all the latest Prakash lies transmitted in the
global media. [we've put an * against items specifically relating to the

Getting down in the dirt with Prakash & Co.
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