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Organic Consumers United Campaign


Organic groupAfter four years of network building and campaigning against the Gene Giants and corporate agribusiness, the OCA has built up a large and enthusiastic national network of over 500,000 subscribers, members, and volunteers across the US.

Together we've undermined the credibility of Monsanto and the biotech industry, we've made organics the fastest growing component of American agriculture, and we've begun to bring together issues of Fair Trade, social justice, and globalization with food safety, organic farming and environmental sustainability.

But of course an enormous task lies ahead. Despite the fact that most people want a healthy environment, safe food, human rights and peace and justice--military madness, economic inequality, and a steady suppression of civil liberties are rapidly becoming the norm in the US. Since the November elections, our state legislatures and Congress are more rabidly pro-biotech, pro-industrial agriculture, and pro-big business than ever.

We can't afford to just complain or mourn about this sorry state of affairs, we've got to get better organized. We believe we can build up a national network of two million organic consumers (5,000 in each of the nation's 435 Congressional Districts) in 24 months if we get stores, coffeehouses, progressive businesses, and service providers to display our petitions and literature, and if we get volunteer petition-gatherers like yourself to collect the names of 20 new people every month, especially those with email addresses, so that we can communicate with them quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently.

The OCA is building a massive network of green-minded voters in your area. Our goal is to build a network of 500 people in your State Legislative District and 5,000 people in your Congressional District who support OCA's three-point platform for US agriculture:


  1. Donate: Now, more than ever, we need your financial support. The Bush Administration has cut many government programs that once assisted nonprofit organizations working on issues from human rights, to the environment to food safety. This has also affected grant foundations' annual grant cycles--many of which are only able to offer about half of what they were able to fund 2 years ago.
    Please consider making a donation on any level you can afford.
  2. Organic Consumers Association Food Agenda 2010Sign Petition: Become one of 5,000 people in your district to support OCA's 3-point platform for US agriculture:
    1) Global Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops
    2) Stop Factory Farming and Phase-Out Industrial Agriculture
    3) Convert US Agriculture to at least 30% Organic by 2010
  3. Serve as a contact or liaison to natural food stores, coffeehouses, alternative medical practitioners, and other progressive businesses and service providers in your area who agree to display our petitions and leaflets.
  4. Help to introduce a resolution in your local city council, school board, or college, mandating that they avoid genetically engineered food and fibers and purchase organic and fairly made food, coffee, and clothing.
  5. introduce a resolutionContact us for more information and to have a free display mailed to your local store.**Volunteer to take a clipboard, a stack of OCA's petitions, and leaflets and collect the names and full contact information of 20 people every month in your area who feel passionate about food, farm, and Fair Trade issues (download petition here or CONTACT US, and we will mail some to you).
  6. You can collect signatures over the phone or just about anywhere--here are a few ideas (note: for some of these locations, you may need to get permission beforehand or gather signatures outside):
    Natural Foods Stores/Co-ops
    Alternative Health Clinics
    School Events
    Your Place of Worship
    Health and Environmental Events/Festivals
    College Campuses