About the Organic Farmers
& Gardeners Union

In 2004, the Organic Consumers Association helped organic farmers and gardeners in its national network form a new non-profit public interest organization called the Organic Farmers & Gardeners Union (OFGU).

Why the Union is being formed:

OFGU farmers and gardeners believe the USDA should replace billions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer subsidies for chemical-intensive and genetically engineered agriculture with green subsidies that reduce the toxicity of conventional farming and help farmers and ranchers make the transition to organic practices while, at the same time, developing local and regional markets.

OFGU aspires to work in the interests of North America's organic farmers (both USDA certified and non-certified), organic gardeners, and farm workers, as well as farmers and gardeners "in transition" to organic.

OFGU believes that organic farming needs to move as quickly as possible from being a multi-billion niche market to becoming the dominant form of agriculture, and that USDA federal food stamp, WIC (Women with Infants and Children), and school lunch programs should be fully funded and reformed so as to expand organic information and products to rural, Native, and low-income communities.

OFGU's office and mailing address are:

6671 South Silver Hill Drive
Finland, MN 55603.

Email OFGU at ofgu@organicconsumers.org

Donations and volunteers are needed.
To make a donation call toll free: 888-403-1007