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Turkey Leads Way in Organic Cotton
TURKEY: A Leader In Organic Cotton Production
28 Sep 2005

Turkey is a world leader in organic cotton production with a 53 per cent share of the market according to Rebecca Clahan Klein, president of the Organic Exchange, a non-profit business organisation focused on creating environmental and social benefits through the expansion of organic agriculture.

Klein, talking to the press during a visit to Izmir, said that the organic cotton market has seen huge growth in the last three years, tripling in size from US$300 million to US$900 million. She also noted the market is expected to reach US$2 billion by 2007.

She said there is growing interest in organic cotton throughout the clothing and textiles industry, and that 20 of the world¹s biggest 200 retailers now sell organic cotton.

Klein said: "Today, Turkey with a 53 per cent share, is the leader in organic cotton production. The country¹s history, climate and culture play main role in this leadership."

By Hasan Gulveren.