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WHOLE FOODS: SAY NO TO GMOS! (and put it on the label!)

Whole Foods' shareholders have filed a resolution asking that Whole Foods "adopt a policy to identify and label all Whole Foods private label products with respect to the presence or absence of genetically engineered (GE) ingredients within them, and to report to shareholders by October 2005 on progress toward this implementation."

A previous resolution was filed in 2001 but withdrawn in April 2002 in order to 'dialogue' with the company. However, the discussions proved unproductive.

If you own Whole Foods stock, please return your proxy in support of this resolution. A vote will be taken at the April 4 annual meeting in New York. You can also vote your proxy through the Whole Foods website.

Even if you're not a shareholder, you can let Whole Foods know how you feel about this issue by participating in Ecopledge's Whole Foods Action.

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