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Autumn-Winter 2013 - PDF

Did the Anti-GMO Movement Really Lose in Washington?
A Message From the Director
Top Right-to-Know Grocers Contest
Campaigning for a Better Food System
Fair World Project Tackles Certification Issues
Member Comments

Spring-Summer 2013 - PDF

Genetically Engineered Food: Consumers Battle for the Right to Know
A Message From the Director
Organic Retail And Consumer Alliance: Growing Awareness, Growing Markets
Consumers Make Waves with Traitor Boycott
Cook Organic, Not the Planet!
Via Organica: OCA’s Sister Network in Mexico
Hot Off the Presses: For a Better World
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Autumn-Winter 2012 - PDF

David vs. Goliath: The Road Ahead
A Message From the Director
Factory Farms and CAFOs: The Next Right-to-Know Labeling Campaign
Organic Consumers Association: 15 Years
Progress in Fight for Transparency in Fair Trade
Mobilizing Consumers to Protect Organic Standards
Growing the Organic Revolution through Social Media
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Spring-Summer 2012 - PDF

The Food Fight of Our Lives
A Message From the Director
The (Sorry) State of Organic Standards
Millions Against Monsanto
Building a Just Economy: A Multi-Step Approach
Creating a Vibrant Online Community
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Autumn-Winter 2011 - PDF

Labeling Genetically Engineered Food: The California Ballot Initiative
Message from the Director
OCA's Fair World Project:
Safeguarding Fair Trade Standards and Labels
Common Victories: OCA Campaigns 2011
Millions Against Monsanto
OCA's Social Media: Growing the Organic Revolution
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Spring-Summer 2011 - PDF

Beyond Monsanto and Food, Inc. - The Organic Transition
Message from the Director
OCA's Grassroots Lobbying Gains Momentum
OCA's Fair World Project: Policing Fair Trade
The 5% Solution: Zero Waste - Zero Greenhouse Gas Pollution
Millions Against Monsanto: A Growing Movement
GMO Truth-In-Labeling Petition
How OCA is Using the Internet, Facebook and Twitter to Spread the Organic Revolution
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Autumn-Winter 2010 - PDF

The Road Traveled and the Road Ahead
Message from the Director
OCA's Ongoing Campaign to Require Mandatory Labels
on Genetically Engineered Food and Food Ingredients
OCA's New Fair World Project
Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon!
From Copenhagen to Cancun
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Spring-Summer 2010 - PDF

The Art of Organic Living
Message from the Director
OCA 2010: Cultivating Consciousness and Change
Millions Against Monsanto
OCA's Sister Organization in Mexico Moves Forward
Save Organic Standards: Preliminary Victory in the War on Toxic Sludge
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Autumn-Winter 2009 - PDF - Text

The Organic Revolution:
How We Can Stop Global Warming
Message from the Director
The Myth of "Natural" Foods and Farming
OCA 2009 Campaigns: A New Hope for Change:
Via Organica: OCA's Sister Organization in Guanajuato, Mexico
OCA's Political Work & Philosophy: Planting Peace and Democracy
Craig Minowa, OCA's Multi-Talented Editor Moving On
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Spring 2009 - PDF - Text

The Organic Alternative: Recipe for Survival
Message from the Director
Organic Farming and the Climate Crisis
OCA Announces Summer Study Tours in the Central Highlands of Mexico
Common Victories: OCA's Campaign Updates:
Organic Food in Schools: Long Overdue & Badly Needed
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Autumn 2008 - PDF - Text

OCA Announces a New Grassroots Campaign: Organic Transitions - Beyond Economic Depression, Climate Change, & Peak Oil
Message from the Director
Resources on Organic Transition
Organic Transitions in Your Community: Taking the First Steps
Common Victories: OCA's Campaign Updates:
Organic Consumers Lobbying & Political Advocacy:
The 2008 Elections & Beyond 
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Spring 2008 - PDF - Text

From Panic to Organic:
The Food, Climate, & Energy Crisis
Message from the Director
The Biofuels Hoax
Common Victories: OCA's Campaign Updates:
Member Comments
Lobbying Update: Organic Consumers in Washington DC
Affording Organic Food In Hard Times
Stay Informed with the OCA Website!

Autumn-Winter 2007 - PDF - Text

America: Organic & Green:
The Ultimate Challenge of Our Generation
A Message from the Director
OCA Mourns a Dear Friend
Climate Change: Don't Panic-Go Organic
Common Victories: OCA's Recent Campaigns and Success Stories
Bringing Fair Trade Principles to Organic Production
Organic Consumer Lobbying in Washington, DC
Press the Politicians: Grassroots Netroots Alliance
A Quote from Frederick Douglass
Member Comments

Spring 2007 - PDF · Text

Big Food & Pharma: Keeping Us In the Dark
Message from the Director
Frankenfoods & Crops: Challenging the Biotech Bullies
NUTRI-CON: The Truth About Synthetic Vitamins and Supplement
Congressional Update
Common Victories: OCA's Recent Campaigns & Success Stories:
Member Comments
Planting Peace

Autumn 2006 - PDF · Text

Putting Organics on the Table
A Message from the Director: Organics in a Time of Crisis
Organic Consumers Survey for Elected Public Officials
OCA Campaign Progress Reports - July - November 2006:
Boycott of Bogus "Organic" Milk Spreads Across US
OCA Steps Up Campaign Against Gene-Altered "Frankenfoods"
Resistance Gaining Critical Mass Against "Gene Foods"
OCA's rBGH Boycott Takes Hold After a Decade
Industrial Hemp Ban on the Way Out
Organic Bytes: Good New Headlines / Subscription Alert
OCA Goes Local: Become a State News Scout or Editor
Can You Trust Organic Label Claims on Body Care Products?
Organic Food & Farming: Turning Up the Heat on Politicians
Tiny Toxins · Shoppers Guide to Nanotechnology
List of Cosmetic Companies Using Potentially Harmful Nanoparticles
"Every generation needs a new revolution"

Spring/Summer 2006 - PDF · Text

Organics and America’s Future: Will We Take the High Road?
A Message from the Director: Standing at the Crossroads
Organics and Fair Trade: Bringing It All Together
OCA Turns Up the Heat in Congress
OCA Campaign Progress Reports - January - June 2006:
OCA Members Respond
Protecting Consumers from Deceptive Labels on Organic Body Care Products
Corporate Takeover? Organic Industry Structure Chart
Planting Peace

Autumn 2005 - PDF · Text

SOS: Organic Community and Standards Under Siege
A Message from the Director
Bio-Democracy or Biotech Tyranny?
A Declaration of Interdependence
Breaking The Chains: Global Call To Action
November 13 - December 31, 2005: Buy Local, Boycott Wal-Mart and the Chains
Food For Thought: Before You Pull Out Your Wallet
Take the Breaking the Chains Pledge
The Breaking the Chains Buying Guide
USDA Bows to Organic Consumer Pressure on Body Care Labeling
How To Make Money Fast! - How To Save Money Fast!
OCA Lobbies for Sustainable Agriculture
Consumers Demand an End to Disastrous Cotton and Crop Subsidies
In Memoriam: Lois Frances Mentele Werner, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher, Activist

Spring 2005 - PDF · Text

Breaking the Chains
A Message from the Director
Action Alert: Biotech Bullying
OCA Campaign News
OCA Helps Terminate the Terminator
Host a Breaking the Chains Potluck

Autumn 2004 - PDF · Text

BioDemocracy vs. Biotechnology
Announcing The Organic Farmers and Gardeners Union
OCA Coupon Collection
OCA and the Native American Food Movement
OCA Campaign News
The Future of Food is Now!

Spring 2004 - PDF · Text

1. VICTORY! USDA Backs Off from Degrading Organic Standards
2. OCA Pushing for Strict Organic Body Care Standards
3. BioDemocracy Alliance: Spreading GE-Free Zones Throughout the Americas
4. Millions Against Monsanto
5. The End of Massive Cotton Subsidies?
6. Bush Stopping Protection of the Ozone Layer
7. OCA Introduces Organic Coupon Collection
8. Mad Cow Updates

Autumn 2003 - PDF · Text

Organics for Everyone
Another US Food Giant Quietly Dumping Frankencorn
OCA’s Coming Clean Campaign Rocks the Body Care Industry
Fair Trade Expands, but so does Greenwashing
OCA’s New California Project: Organic Consumers United

Spring 2003 - PDF - Text

1. SOS 2003: Safeguard Organic Standards
2. Coming Clean: Organic Body Care Campaign
3. Don't Water Down Organic Standards for Body Care!
4. Join an OCA Delegation to the September WTO Protests in Mexico
5. OCA's New Water Project
6. Starbucks & Fair Trade Campaign Update
7. Clothes for a Change Campaign Update

Autumn 2002 - PDF - Text

Spring 2002 - PDF - Text -
Clarification of Fairfax CA Pesticide Ordinance

Autumn 2001 - PDF - Text

Winter 2000-2001 - PDF - Text

1. Why Americans Are Voting with Forks, Knives & Wallet
2. OCA Helps Drive Illegal GE Corn off the Market
3. OCA Targets Starbucks on Genetically Engineered Food & Beverages
4. OCA Leads Campaign for GE Food Resolutions
5. OCA Joins Nader Organization to Ban Junk Food in Schools
6. New Report Examines Commercialism in Schools
7. FDA To Release Proposed Regulations on GE Foods
8. Update on National Organic Standards
9. Update on FDA Legal Petition

March 2000 - Organic View Vol.2 No.3 / BioDemocracy News #25

Special Joint Issue of Organic View & BioDemocracy News on Organic Standards
Feb. 29th, 2000 - v.2 n.2
1. Frito-Lay Asks Farmers Not To Plant Genetically Engineered Corn
2. Biosafety Agreement Achieves Partial Victory
3. Safe Seed Initiative
4. EPA Told To Respond To Lawsuit
5. Gene Drift Research
6. Interesting Recent Articles

January 23, 2000 - v.2 n.1

1. Editor's Note: the importance of 2000
2. New Study Finds Organic Is Healthier
3. Whole Foods and Wild Oats Move Toward GE-Free
4. EPA's New Regulations For GE Crops Do Little To Protect Environment
5. FDA Allows Irradiation for Meat - Labels Required
6. Gore and Bradley on Genetically Engineered Crops
7. Interesting Recent Articles

December 8, 1999 - v.1 n.18

1. Victory At WTO Meeting
2. OCA At The Battle In Seattle
3. California Labeling Initiative
4. OCA Organizes Successful FDA Hearing Protest In DC - Oakland Next
5. Recent Studies Point To Concerns With Genetically Engineered Foods
6. Rodale Study Finds Organic Superior In Withstanding Drought
7. Link to Other Stories

Fall Quarterly Issue 1999 - pdf November 12, 1999 - v.1 n.17

1. 47 Members of Congress Call On FDA To Label Genetically Engineered Foods
2. Rep. Kucinich Introduces Labeling Bill For GE Foods
3. FDA Overwhelmed on GE Food Hearings
4. OCA Sends Letter to USDA Supporting Cost-Share Program
5. Is Chemical Farming Making Food Less Nutritious? Organic Gardening Asks USDA
6. International Organic Certification Moves Forward
7. Update from the Field
8. Important Recent Articles

October 29, 1999 - v.1 n.16

1. National Organic Standards Board Told To Address Drift
2. Alternative Organic Standards Approved
3. Genetic Engineering A Hot Topic at Organic Expo
4. FDA to Hold Public Hearings on GE Foods
5. MN Unveils Innovative Organic Program
6. Farm Coalition Speaks Out Against GE Crops
7. Recent News

October 14, 1999 - v.1 n.15

1. Bonior letter Update - Legislation Coming
2. Why Labeling?
3. Hain To Start Labeling GMO-Free
4. Cuban Organic Farming Association Wins Alternative Nobel Prize
5. Activists Gear Up For World Trade Meeting in Seattle
6. Monsanto Halts Terminator Research
7. Important Recent Articles

Sept. 1999 - v.1 n.14

2. National Organic Rule Expected in January
3. Tyson to Irradiate Food
4. Loss of Genetic Diversity Threatens Agriculture, Worldwatch Study Finds
5. Food Illnesses On The Rise, CDC Reports
6. Important Recent Articles

Sept. 14th, 1999 - v.1 n.13

1. Berkeley Schools Go Organic. How Did They Do It?
2. Consumers Reports Finds Genetically Engineered Foods on Supermarket Shelves
3. Action Alert - USDA Continues to Support Terminator Technology
4. Organic Mulch Cuts Pesticide Runoff, USDA Finds
5. Important Recent Articles

Aug 24th, 1999 - v.1 n.12

This issue is the same as the Campaign for Food Safety News #21.

August 1999 - v.1 n.11

1. OCA Supports Action Against Nestle
2. New GE Bt Study Shows Resistance
3. The Power of the Pesticide Lobby
4. Update - NAS Controversy, Maine Legislation Dead
5. Organic Boom in Europe

v.1 n.10

1. USDA Delays Again on Organic Rule
2. Gerber Takes GE Out of Baby Food - Goes Organic
3. Coalition Calls For Pesticide Tax
4. Study Finds GE Soybeans Less Nutritious
5. US Surrenders on International rBGH Dispute
6. World Pesticide Use Statistics From PAN

July, 1999 - v.1 n.9,

1. OCA Policy Board In Place For Fall Organic Rule
2. Action Alert Updates
3. GE Crop Yields/Pesticide Use No Better
4. EDF Lawsuit to Fight Bt Resistance
5. Organic Can Replace GE, British Campaigner says

v.1 n.8

1. Organic Will Calm GE Controversy, US Says
2. GE Contaminates Baby Food, Greenpeace Finds
3. Canada Sets Organic Rules, 4. New Video On GE
5. Organic Competitive with Conventional, New Study

June 1999 - v. 1 n. 7

1. Organic Community Introduces Own National Standards
2. Food Bills Protect Consumers
3. New Hampshire Takes On "Terminator"
4. Bt Action Alert
5. European Commissioner Supports Organic

May 1999 - v. 1 n. 6

1. Earth Day Success Pushes FDA on Irradiation
2. Pesticide Battlefront
3. New Study Finds GE Threat to Organic
4. Victory in Minnesota: Pro-Organic Legislation Passed
5. New York Times Gives Warning

v. 1 n. 5

1. Outcry Forces Change of NAS Committee
2. Organic Odds and Ends
3. Book Review: Against the Grain
4. Organic Answers: What are Organic Seeds?
5. Prince Charles on Organic

v. 1 n. 4

1. Earth Day and OCA
2. Label Genetically Engineered Food!
3. Antibiotic Resistance
4. Organic Answers - What is “Certified Organic”?
5. Organic Facts

v. 1, n. 3

1. Organic Farmers Threatened by GE Crops
2. Report from Upper Midwest Organic Farmers Conference
3. Irradiation Comments Needed
4. Organic Answers: What is the National List?
5. Organic Facts - Latest Organic Farm Research

v. 1, n. 2

1. Next Steps for Organic
2. EPA Muzzles Benefits of Organic
3. Canada Rejects rBGH - Why Not U.S.?
4. Organic Answers: What is the NOSB?,
5. Organic Facts
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