Three GE Crop Field Plots Sabotaged in Belgium

Three GE Crop Field Plots Sabotaged in Belgium

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May 26,2001

Press Release #1 Aventis Crop Silenced
Press Release #2 Genetically Modified Canola Uprooted

Not 1, not 2... but 3 in a row ! The number of cleared PGS-Aventis oilseed
rape experimental fields in Belgium during last week-end eventually amounts
to three. "Experimental" fields... or rather commercial seeds production
ones under experimental cover.

As a matter of fact, since 1996 Aventis have been storing the MS8 & RF3
seeds harvested in Belgium on more than 80 hectares each year. Thus does the
company anticipate a much needed European authorisation which would turn
those commercial crops into lawful ones.

An authorisation for that oilseed rape has been repeatedly blocked at the
European level for the de facto moratorium on new GM plant varieties has
taken effect in June 98. But with the full support of Jaak Gabriëls, the
Belgian Agriculture State Secretary, PGS-Aventis expect to get such an
authorisation as soon as September 2001.


Belgium, May 26 : Aventis Crop Silenced

An Aventis owned genetically modified winter oilseed rape farm scale crop
(1) located in the district of Velzeke (Eastern Flanders, Belgium) was
destroyed during this week-end (2).

This action is to be seen as a trial to strike a blow to the current GMO's
invasion creeping from our fields to the daily food.

As a matter of fact, despite all reassuring governmental and
agro-transnational statements, we can draw a more and more accurate picture
of GE consequences.

Health damages are firmly known today (allergies, increased antibiotic
resistance,...). Spreading GMO's also results in irreversible environmental
havoc : biodiversity loss, a much greater pesticides consumption, insects
and weeds resistances, gene transfer (horizontally as well as vertically) to
other species,...

It all combines with a perverse enslavement mecha! nism providing for an
ever growing farmers dependence on GE seeds producing corporations.
Farmers are led to buy "improved" seeds and adapted herbicides to the
same company, hence strenghtening their total subjection.

Facing those threats we necessarily have ourselves to put into practise the
precautionary principle, opposed to profit making obsessed structures.

(1) A "LibertyLink" and "SeedLink" one, i.e. an oilseed rape crop engineered
to absorb high glufosinate (Liberty) herbicide quantities and to allow easy
industrial hybrids production using a male sterility transgene.

(2) Exact location : Pienkenstraat, 9620 Velzeke-Rudershove (Zottegem),


Zonnegem (Burst) : genetically modified canola uprooted

Who wants to channel a river exposes himself to overflows.
Who wants to master life : the same.

Pharmacologists do not wish to heal but to sell a maximum quantity of
drugs at the highest price possible. Geneticians wish neither to look after
rare illnesses nor to feed the third world, but they strive to create new
markets they expect to be juicy. Pharmaco-geneticians such as Aventis
or Monsanto only look for one goal : profit, and their health or humanistic
justifications will deceive nobody.

Ultimate creation in an industrial system which aims at consigning and
recycling life in rough manageable goods, genetic engineering is different
from other industrial plagues : the damage it generates is exponential and

As corporate and "scientific" lobbies have more weight than any democratic
authorities, we are the only ones in capacity to enforce the so much
appraised precautionary principle.

This is the reason why, in the night of May 26 to 27, we got completely
rid of a GM field run by the Aventis corporation. The field is located in the
surroundings of Ghent, in the Zonnegem village, to the Burst limit, at the
end of a way emerging up to the numbers 88-92 of the Gentsestraat.

This experimental field of genetically modified winter oilseed rape included
two plots of approximately 5x15m as well as two mini-plots confined in two
tents of approximately 4m2 each.

Individuals who have principles.

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