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Why Stay Away?

  • rBGH makes cows sick. Monsanto has been forced to admit to about 20 toxic effects, including mastitis, on its POSILAC label.
  • rBGH milk is contaminated by pus, due to the mastitis commonly induced by rBGH, and antibiotics used to treat the mastitis.
  • rBGH milk is chemically and nutritionally different than natural milk.
  • rBGH milk is contaminated with rBGH, traces of which are absorbed through the gut.
  • rBGH milk is supercharged with high levels of a natural growth factor (IGF-1), which is readily absorbed through the gut.
  • Excess levels of IGF-1 have been incriminated as a cause of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
    IGF-1 blocks natural defense mechanisms against early submicroscopic cancers.
  • rBGH factory farms pose a major threat to the viability of small dairy farms.
  • rBGH enriches Monsanto, while posing dangers, without any benefits, to consumers, especially in view of the current national surplus of milk.
The risks of cancer to consumers and particularly their children, especially those enrolled in the Public School Lunch Program, are indisputable.

rBGH & rBST Free Milk Producers


Completely rBGH & rBST-Free Processors

Number: Rank by total dairy sales (2009)

7. Prairie Farms Dairy (Carlinville, IL)
13. Darigold (Seattle, WA)
18. California Dairies, Inc. (Visalia, CA)
21. Yoplait (General Mills) (Minneapolis, MN)
24. The Dannon Co. (White Plains, NY)
25. Glanbia Foods (Twin Falls, ID)
31. Super Store Industries (Stockton, CA)
36. Publix Super Markets, Inc. (Lakeland, FL)
40. Swiss Valley Farms (Davenport, IA)
42. Stremick's Heritage Foods (Santa Ana, CA)
43. Ben & Jerry's Homemade (S. Burlington, VT)
45. Foster Farms Dairy (Livingston, CA)
46. Organic Valley/CROPP (La Farge, WI)
50. Stonyfield Farm, Inc. (Londonderry, NH)
53. Gossner Foods, Inc. (Logan, UT)
56. United Dairy, Inc. (Martin's Ferry, OH)
57. Shamrock Farms (Phoenix, AZ)
58. Producers Dairy Foods, Inc. (Fresno, CA)
59. Michigan Milk Producers Assoc. (Constantine, MI)
60. Smith Dairy Products (Orrville, OH)
64. BelGioioso Cheese Inc. (Denmark, WI)
69. Guida's Milk and Ice Cream (New Britain, CT)
70. Clover Farms Dairy Co. (Reading, PA)
74. Cloverland Farms Dairy (Baltimore, MD)
77. Schneider's Dairy Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)
78. Bareman Dairy Inc. (Holland, MI)
79. Ellsworth Co-op Creamery (Ellsworth, WI)
81. Oakhurst Dairy (Portland, ME)
82. United Dairy Farmers, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)
84. Wawa Beverage Co. (Wawa, PA)
85. Joseph Gallo Farms (Atwater, CA)
86. Emmi-Roth Kase USA Ltd. (Monroe, WI)
88. Plains Dairy LLC (Amarillo, TX)
89. BGC Manufacturing (Tyler, TX)
91. Oberweis Dairy Inc. (N. Aurora, IL)
93. Clover Stornetta Farms (Petaluma, CA)
96. Lifeway Foods (Morton Grove, IL)
97. Oregon Ice Cream Co. (Vancouver, WA)
100. Kleinpeter Farms Dairy (Baton Rouge, LA)

Click here to read the entire list (.DOC file)

Organic & rBGH-Free

These milk and dairy companies carry some or all organic products.

* Indicates a family farm



Alta Dena Organics (Cheese)

City of Industry, CA, 800-535-1369.

Morningland Dairy Cheese*

Mountain View, MO, 417-469-3817, available by mail order.

Organic Valley* (Milk, Cheese, Butter, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, Cream, Powdered Milk)

La Farge, WI, 608-625-2600,

Stonyfield Farms (organic line) (Yogurt and Ice Cream)

Londonderry, NH, 603-437-4040

Wisconsin Organics* (Milk, Cheese, Butter)

Bonduel, WI, 715-758-2280.


Straus Family Creamery* (Milk, Butter, Yogurt, Cheese)

Marshall, CA, 415-663-5464,, available in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Alta Dena Organics (Cheese)

City of Industry, CA, 800-535-1369, available nationwide.

Stremick's Heritage Foods, LLC

Distributes throughout Western U.S.



Radiance Dairy* (Milk, whipping cream, yogurt, and several cheese)

Fairfield, IA, 641-472-8554, available at Hy-Vee, Econo Foods, and Everybody's Whole Foods in the Fairfield area and at New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City.


Trader's Point Creamery (certified organic, rBGH-free, grassfed milk, cheese and yogurts)

9101 Moore Road, Zionsville, IN 46077 317-733-1700


Hart-to-Hart Farm* (Cheese and licensed Raw Milk), Albion, ME, 207-437-2441, available at the farm and at farmers' markets throughout central Maine (call for locations).

Nezinscot Farm* (Cow's or Goat's Milk, Cheese, Butter), Turner, ME, 207-225-3231, available at their own store in Turner; cheese available by mail order.



Bart's Homemade (Low-Fat Organic Ice Cream)

Greenfield, MA, 413-774-7438, available in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and at their own store in Greenfield.

Brookside Farm* (Milk and Cream)

Westminster, MA, 978-874-2695, available in Massachusetts.


Morningland Dairy Cheese*

Mountain View, MO, 417-469-3817, available nationwide and by mail order.


Lifeline Farms* (Cheese)

Victor, MT, available on the West Coast. For store locations, call Mountain Peoples: 800-679-8735 or

New Hampshire

Stonyfield Farms (organic line) (Yogurt and Ice Cream)

Londonderry, NH, 603-437-4040, available nationwide.

New York

Hawthorne Valley Farm* (Cheese, Yogurt and Quark Cheese)

Ghent, NY, 518-672-7500, available on the East Coast. Raw milk and cheese also available at their own local store and at the Union Square Farmers' Market in New York City.

Butternut Farms* (Cheese)

NY, 608-783-2392,, available in the Northeast and by mail order.

Natural by Nature (Cheese, Cream, Buttermilk, Eggnog, Ice Cream, Butter, Yogurt, Cream Cheese, Milk, Pudding)

Sunnydale Farms, Brooklyn, NY, 718-257-7600, available on the East Coast and in the Midwest.


Echo Spring Dairy (organic line) (Milk, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese)

Eugene, OR, 541-753-7331, available in Idaho, Oregon, and northern California.


Kimberton Hills Farm* (licensed Raw Milk)

Kimberton, PA, available at Kimberton Whole Foods Store (610-935-1444) and at the farm (610-935-0314).

Seven Stars Farm* (Yogurt)

Phoenixville, PA 610-935-1949, available in the East and Midwest.


Animal Farm Butter

Orwell ,VT , 802-623-6599,
available at Middlebury Natural Food Coop in Middlebury, VT

Butterworks Farm* (Yogurt, Cream, Cheese, Cottage Cheese)

Westfield, VT, 802/744-6855, available in the Northeast and at the farm; cheese also available by mail order.

Organic Cow of Vermont (Milk, Chocolate Milk, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, Butter, Cream, Eggnog)

Chelsea, VT, 800/769-9693, available on the East Coast.


Greenbank Farms Cheese (organic line)

Stonefelt Cheese Co., Preston, WA, 425/222-5500, available on the West Coast, in the Northwest, and at their own store in Preston.


Ranovael Organic Dairy* (Cheese, Butter)

DePere, WI, 920-336-2820, cheese available by mail order, both products available at their own store in DePere.

Cedar Grove Organic Cheese

Plain, WI, 608/546-5284,, available in the Upper Midwest, at their own store in Plain, and by mail order (877/275-8354).

Organic Valley* (Milk, Cheese, Butter, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, Cream, Powdered Milk)

La Farge, WI, 608/625-2600,, available nationwide.

Wisconsin Organics* (Milk, Cheese, Butter)

Bonduel, WI, 715/758-2280, available nationwide and at their own retail store in Bonduel.

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