FDA Monsanto Revolving Door - Extract of article:

Clinton Assistant Going Private
By Al Kamen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 21 1997; Page A15
The Washington Post

There had been talk for several months that Marcia Hale, assistant to the president for intergovernmental relations, would be leaving to take a job outside the White House. Word now is that Hale has landed a sweet one in the private sector, moving to Monsanto Co. next month to be a senior official and coordinate public affairs and corporate strategy in the United Kingdom and Ireland for about six months. She would then come back to work out of the Washington office to handle international and other matters.

Hale would be based in London during the European tour, but may have to travel to Spain, southern France and Italy.

One possible successor -- and the only deputy left in that office -- is Lynn Cutler, former Iowa county supervisor and an intergovernmental relations veteran. Given the scarcity of minorities in top White House jobs, there's also talk of looking for a minority as a replacement. Cont . . . . Copyright 1997 The Washington Post Company

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