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Action Alert--Kick School Junk Food Marketers out of Your State

From: Commercial Alert" <>
December 20, 2004

Dear friends,

We're on a roll.

Across the country, parents and health professionals are expelling junk food marketers from schools. We've seen statewide victories <> in Arkansas, California, Maine and Texas, and in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle.

We want to build on these victories -- and you can help. Most state legislatures will convene early next year. Now is the right time to tell your state legislators to remove junk food marketers from schools.

The Childhood Obesity Prevention Agenda <> would ban the marketing and sale of junk food in schools. It also would ban Channel One <> (which advertises for junk food in schools) and reward schools that exceed federal nutrition standards.

Tell your governor and state legislators to implement it in your state. Click here to email them: <>

And please forward this note to other people who care about children.

The Childhood Obesity Prevention Agenda has been endorsed by leading authors, scientists and obesity experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Yale and other major research institutions, including Lawrence Cheskin (Director, Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center); Greg Critser (author, Fat Land); Frances Moore Lappe (author, Diet for a Small Planet); Marion Nestle (author, Food Politics); Peggy O'Mara (Publisher, Mothering Magazine); Alvin Poussaint (Harvard Medical School); Raffi (children's troubadour); Juliet Schor (author, Born to Buy); Ellen Ruppel Shell (author, The Hungry Gene); Walter Willett (Harvard School of Public Health).

It has also been endorsed by the American College of Preventive Medicine, Center for a New American Dream, Center for Food and Justice, Center for Media Education, Center for Science in the Public Interest, Eagle Forum, Green Party of the United States, Organic Consumers Association, Science and Environmental Health Network, Yale Prevention Research Center, and the Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Mexico Public Health Associations. Over the past year, we've worked to get federal legislation introduced to ban the sale of junk food to schoolchildren. U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy finally introduced such legislation <> this year, and we expect he'll reintroduce it next year.

But we've seen the best successes at the state and local level. That's why we're asking you to email your governor and state legislators. In politics, when something is going well, you keep doing it.

Here are some stories about state and local victories against the marketing of junk food in schools: <>

Read more about junk food and Channel One here: <> <>

For a detailed update on state legislation to get junk food marketers out of school, see: <>

To find out more about your governor and state legislators, see: <>

There's plenty of information about getting rid of commercialism from schools on our website, at: <>

And if you need help or advice about how to remove corporate marketers from schools, give us a call at (503) 235-8012.
Gary Ruskin
Executive Director
Commercial Alert

Commercial Alert is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep the commercial culture within its proper sphere, and to prevent it from exploiting children and subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity and democracy. For more information, go to <>

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